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We built an SSB4 roster together!! ***FINAL RESULTS AND ROSTER***

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User Info: Austin_4e

4 years ago#1
The rules were simple...

We were going to create a 50-character roster, only adding one character per franchise, assuming there would be no cuts from Brawl by voting for our top 12 franchises and then the top character we wanted from each franchise.

Shulk from Xenoblade and Saki from Sin&Punishment won by default because they were the only nominated characters for their respective franchises.

THE RESULTS ARE IN (I excluded characters with zero votes):

Little Mac -- 32 votes
King Hippo -- 2 votes

Golden Sun
Isaac -- 30 votes
Mia -- 1 vote

Kid Icarus
Palutena -- 20 votes
Eggplant Wizard -- 2 votes
Medusa -- 4 votes
Viridi -- 5 votes

Fire Emblem
Chrom -- 6 votes
Owain -- 8 votes
Hector, Lucina -- 2 votes each
Micaiah, Robin -- 3 votes each
Roy, Lyn -- 4 votes each
Tharja -- 1 vote

Ridley -- 28 votes
Dark Samus -- 4 votes
Metroid -- 1 vote

Mewtwo -- 18 votes
Sylveon -- 4 votes
Eevee -- 3 votes
Meowth, Genesect, May -- 2 votes each

Donkey Kong
King K. Rool -- 20 votes
Dixie -- 12 votes

Paper Mario, Rosalina -- 2 votes each
Toad, Fawful -- 4 votes each
Bowser Jr. -- 9 votes
Waluigi -- 6 votes
King Boo -- 5 votes

PacMan -- 12 votes
Nightmare, Klonoa -- 5 votes each
Emil -- 1 vote
Lloyd -- 3 votes
Jin -- 2 votes

Chibi Robo -- 17 votes
Telly Vision -- 2 votes


Here's the newcomer list:
Megaman, Villager, Wii Fit Trainer, Little Mac, Isaac, Palutena, Owain, Ridley, Mewtwo, King K Rool, Bowser Jr, PacMan, Chibi Robo, Shulk, and Saki.

Well that's the result of our efforts, what do you guys think? It'll be interesting to see how our Super Smash Bros. for Wii U Board Roster compares to the final product. I'll keep it saved until that day and we'll compare our result to the final roster!

Until then, my SSB4 roster voting topics are DONE | |
[[ PSN / WiiU / Steam: Austin_4e ]]

User Info: scrubs133

4 years ago#2
How pretty

User Info: bestssbbfan

4 years ago#3
I dont mind this roster at all, as much as I dont see owain happening.
Created 6/12/2011
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User Info: User728

4 years ago#4
Ridley? Yeah, not happening.

User Info: Abugumgum

4 years ago#5
Goes to show that popular vote yields poor results.

User Info: Bellagio_2

4 years ago#6
User728 posted...
Ridley? Yeah, not happening.

Ugh! This board is shriveling me up.
Users that don't know what the word "troll" means or lack intelligence: Too many to list.

User Info: xgiraffes13x

4 years ago#7
It's great! Except for Owain.
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User Info: Austin_4e

4 years ago#8
Abugumgum posted...
Goes to show that popular vote yields poor results.

Really now? The only questionable choice is Owain in my opinion. Ridley haters can say "but too big" all they want, doesn't mean he wouldn't be a cool addition if it did happen. | |
[[ PSN / WiiU / Steam: Austin_4e ]]

User Info: ecylis

4 years ago#9
-Bowser Jr.
-Toon Link
-No Toad
-No Ghirahim
-No Ray 01
-No Sukapon
-No Chrom


User Info: Gigaraver

4 years ago#10
- Ridley

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