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Think of a character before you enter this topic

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User Info: ShadLx

4 years ago#41
Ummm how old is Ness, this could get me into trouble.

User Info: Zelda_Aran

4 years ago#42

Lightning Kicks WATCH OUT!
"Oh, was that a bit too much?"-Raine Sage, ToS
"Two men enter, one man leaves"-Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome

User Info: Dreamerboy99

4 years ago#43
Captain Olimar. I could use a cotton swab, i guess.

User Info: SmokedChili

4 years ago#44
Lemmy Koopa.

I'll be fine with this as long as his balls don't get in the way.
It's bra, right?

User Info: TrueGB

4 years ago#45
Oh my god...why did I think of Bowser?

Future Billionaire

User Info: zeloswilder_fan

4 years ago#46
Electrode? Footless.
XBL: heaven eater; Wii U: AntinomyTG
"Pessimism is just an ugly word for pattern recognition." -Anonymous

User Info: Doug314

4 years ago#47
Good thing it said any character, so even very unlikely potential newcomers could be chosen. I thought of Miku Hatsune. Wow this is so fun. <3
Palutena, Isaac, Ridley, King K. Rool for SSB for Wii U and SSB for 3DS!

User Info: KEN181

4 years ago#48
Marth.. some homo-erotic massage going on here
Wilf > METROD > Phoenis PAUNCH!!!
Poke D/P Name: Rose FC: 4596 6778 0536

User Info: IToblet

4 years ago#49
Rosalina. So happy. :)
3DS FC: 3308-5030-3666

User Info: garekman

4 years ago#50
Diddy Kong. I guess he'd like that.
White FC: 1464-7519-2965
White 2 FC: 5201-3374-7588
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