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Post your most wanted Newcomer, and I'll try to come up with a unique property.

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User Info: PunkNeverDies

4 years ago#21
Going forward, I'm going to have to limit it to one character per post.
Or I'll never get through them all.

Also, sorry for all typos. I'm typing like mad and don't have a ton of time to proofread, so thanks for bearing with me.

Also, this will be the last batch before work, I'll try to tackle to backlog after I get back.

Hon_Caterpie posted...

I was really torn on this one. Chibi-Robo has some awesome mechanics, but I couldn't decide which ones to bring over -- so screw it, I'm bringing ALL the gimmicks!

Firstly, Chibi Robo will have a moveset based on cleaning. Sweeping, taking out the trash, scrubbing with a toothbrush, things like that. (He'll also have his Chibi Copter, Blaster, Squirter, and Spoon and stuff too -- so he's not completely helpless.)

Firstly, we'll go with the negative mechanic . . his Battery. Chibi-Robo will have a battery gauge next to his portrait that will gradually deplete as he does stuff. It depletes slowly, but he'll need to find time to keep it charged or he'll run out and shut down, becoming immobile (getting hit will jostle the battery giving him some extra juice, and he'll slowly regain some battery in shut-down mode). You'll have to find time to charge the battery -- bit on the plus side, when he's fully charged he's more extra effective for a brief time.

His positive mechanic? Happy points. At the heart of it, Chibi-Robo is a pacifist, and thus can gain Happy points for not hitting an opponent. Basically, if Chibi-Robo decides to use one of his cleaning moves and nobody is around, he gains points for cleaning up. Sweeping the floor? Happy points. Taking out the garbage? Happy points.

Whenever you accrue happy points, it permanently powers up your Utilibots (Blaster and stuff mentioned before). So if you gain enough happy points, you "level-up" and all your moves become much more effective. You lose electricity slower and gain the bonus for full charge for longer.

Finally, hiding in his coffee cup should be his shield. It would be adorable.

TheMasterTurtle posted...
Little Mac (Easy)

Kazuma Kiryu (Hard)

I already have full movesets for both of them with gimmicks, but let's see what you got. If don't know Kiryu, do some research.

I checked up on Kazuma, and I'm really not familiar with the Yakuza series at all. I'm going to go with Little Mac for now, but please share what you had in mind for Kazuma.

Little Mac, star powered punches. Much like Punchout, landing successful consecutive hits bets you star power, which is expending when you used different special moves. Most notably, the Star Uppercut.

NintendoMania posted...
Mike Jones from the StarTropics series.

Mike Jones has a wide array of tools he can use, but his Yoyo is his most iconic and important. In Star Tropics, you can level up your Yoyo, but as you take damage, it reverts back to normal usefulness. I kind of imagine Mike Jones playing like a reverse Lucario -- the more damage he takes, the worse his Yoyo becomes. Playing safe is key, and don't take damage you don't have to take.

KingIceSonic posted...
Dixie Kong

Well, Dixie Kong has her hair attacks and her slow-fall float, both of which are fairly unique already, but I'll go deeper.

One of the mechanics that made DKC2's platforming feel so fluid and responsive was the ability to attack off a ledge, and then jump cancel it to jump farther. Jump canceling was pretty important, and I think Dixie should adopt it. Being able to cancel certain moves early by jumping out of it allows her all sorts of cool avenues she can use to approach and attack.


Anyway, I'm off to work. Thanks folks!

User Info: KEN181

4 years ago#22
Ashley from Wario Ware
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User Info: redFOX381

4 years ago#23
Bill Grey from Starfox
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User Info: tehponycorn

4 years ago#24
I'm a critic, If I rate your roster horribly, take no offense, I'm sorry if I've offended you.
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User Info: dengel3587

4 years ago#25

User Info: Nubaru

4 years ago#26
Machamp, Enlighten Me
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User Info: MM125

4 years ago#27
PunkNeverDies posted...
Djinn. Isaac is awesome, he's got amazing psynergy powers and awesome weapons he can use in his moveset -- but to really make him unique, I think we need Djinn. Djinn are expended to power up his special moves, but when he's out, his moves become massively weaker. After a short cooldown, the Djinn gradually return to ready phase again, and he can keep going. Perhaps some moves expend ALL of his Djinn, and thus, if he has all of them going, the moves could be epically powerful.

I'm imagining a max of 9 Djinn, and you start every match with 3. To ready more, if they aren't on cooldown, perhaps a quick special move or taunt equips them.

This makes Isaac really deep -- do you wait, and save your power for one big attack? Or do you use it gradually, making your overall gameplay more effective?

Do you mind if I borrow this for a moveset?
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User Info: sodakid1919

4 years ago#28
Hatty Hattington

User Info: MEFreak1984

4 years ago#29
The Reaper frm Kid Icarus.
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User Info: Acended

4 years ago#30
Dillon from Dillon's Rolling Western
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  3. Post your most wanted Newcomer, and I'll try to come up with a unique property.

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