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Donkey Kong rep

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User Info: coolkirbyguy711

4 years ago#1

-King K.rool

Lanky Kong for ssb4

User Info: dengel3587

4 years ago#2
King K. Rool > Dixie

User Info: KillerKremling

4 years ago#3
King K. Rool > Dixie/Kiddy > Dixie > Lanky > Chunky > Kritter > Funky
Ridley is Love, Ridley is Life

User Info: albertojz356

4 years ago#4
Between those two Dixie.
I support my favorite Nintendo Starlets: Pauline, Palutena, Anna, Captain Syrup, and also Bayonetta for Smash Bros Wii U/3ds.

User Info: The_Korey

4 years ago#5
dengel3587 posted...
King K. Rool > Dixie
Because I can...

User Info: KillerKremling

4 years ago#6
The only way I'd be really down with Dixie if it was a team up with Kiddy, even though I'm not a Kiddy Kong fan.
Ridley is Love, Ridley is Life

User Info: KingIceSonic

4 years ago#7
Dixie Kong FTW!
Currently in <3 W/ DaisyFanboy, gamestar3000, MrSpacelySlate, and bellagio_2
Chrom, Dixie, Sonic, SSB 6/13/13

User Info: Rot8er_ConeX

4 years ago#8
Both. Rool needs to be in a modern game, even if it's SSB and not actually a DKC game, and Dixie is awesome.
I am on GameFAQs until deviantART fixes their login to allow me to get on via my Nook again.

User Info: ZeroGravity38

4 years ago#9

User Info: PaulMalucciMD

4 years ago#10
K. Rool all the way!
-Sent from one of my four iPads-

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