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My personal roster

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User Info: tehponycorn

4 years ago#11
EvosthunderMkII posted...
09stims posted...

6 Waluigi
7 Geno
13 Dixie Kong
14 King K Rool
15 Lip
16 Captain Rainbow
20 Bomberman
22 Micaiah
23 Lil Mac
24 Mewtwo/New form
27 Axew
28 PKMN Trainer - Squirtle, Bayleef, Infernape
29 Mii
34 Kamek
36 Dark Pit
37 Platera
42 Pac-Man
48 Tails


A roster with choices this bad, dream or not, deserves physical punishment.

I'm a critic, If I rate your roster horribly, take no offense, I'm sorry if I've offended you.
Now, off to ADVENTURE!!!! *flies off on Unicorn*

User Info: 09stims

4 years ago#12
Can you stop posting so I can just close the topic?
AKA: Muffles
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