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Chrom for smash.

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User Info: Tortellini803

4 years ago#1
Damn you all and your notions of Chrom being a boring prospect for Smash!

He may not have much personality, or, rather, a boring personality, but he is the star of Awakening. And I liked Awakening. And I thought Chrom was a cool guy.

And he could be unique! Sakurai could give him Sol, and he could use that to steal health from people! It could be balanced by not flinching the opponent. And he could throw axes and lances!

His recovery would be the attack he does in chapter 4 in his battle against Lucina.

User Info: MeanMotorScoote

4 years ago#2
I like where your coming from and hopefully that's how he would be implemented...

User Info: KingTumbleweed

4 years ago#3
You made a moveset for Chrom once, right? Why not just link it?
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