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Make a Moveset,Day 3:L. Mac

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User Info: superpyhron64

4 years ago#1
Today we have the pleasure of creating a moveset for Little Mac including taunt and FS.
Past Days-

Day 1:Pac-Man
Day 2:Ridley
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User Info: Seb_Ramoray

4 years ago#2
All moves - Punches

Final smash - Super punch
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User Info: ZeroGravity38

4 years ago#3
Little Mac

aaa - Jabs three times to the face left right left
side - Jabs to the side of the face
up - Jabs up
down - Jabs in the stomach
dash attack - Dashes forward and punches to the head

a - Punches with both arms forward
forward - Swings his arm forward
back - Swings his arm backhand
up - Swings his arm up
down - Punches with both arms down

b - Star Punch - A star shows up surrounding mac then punches them to the head hard.
First and second star sends them flying. Third star makes them dizzy and can't move
Once you get three stars this attack gets more powerful.
Resets when you use all three stars.

side - Dempsey Roll - Charges with bob and weave motion then lets go and unleashes a barrage of left and right punches last punch sends them flying can charge it.

up - Star Uppercut - A star shows up surrounding mac then uppercuts in the air

down - Counter Dodge Punch - Dodges left or right then punches to the face
gets a star for every counter connected

up - Punches to the head two times last blow sends them flying
side - Punches to the stomach two times blow sends them flying
down - Punches to the knees two times blow sends them flying

Final Smash - Giga Mac - Turns into giga mac he is invincible
B - Swings his arm knocksout anyone he touches
Side B - Dashes forward

up - Raises his hands
side - Eats a chocolate bar
down - Beats his hands together

Grabs & Throws
Grab - grabs with one hand
Pummel - Punches to the faces
up - Swings a hard punch to the face
forward - Throws them forward while punching them
backward - Throws them rolling
down - Throws them down then swings a hard punch to the stomach

User Info: Chaos-15

4 years ago#4
He needs the Dempsy Roll somewhere in his moveset.

User Info: EricHines

4 years ago#5
Little Mac Moveset

Pieced together from ideas posted by Smashboards members Yoichi Hiruma, ErictheLone, Shinhed-Echi, VenusoftheDesertBloom, JohnKnight1

We wanted to give Mac a Dempsey Roll type move where he's bobbing and weaving while still aggressively approaching the opponent.

Instead we've given Mac a unique sidestep dodge. If you hold forward quickly after inputing the dodge Mac will actually move forward a bit, vice-versa going backwards. There you have it: a Dempsey roll without using any move slots. To balance this out, Mac will suffer increased damage and knockback if he is hit while you are doing this.


Down B - Guard- Mac contracts himself into a deep defensive position. This move grants 50% reduced damage and knockback from direct attacks and physical type projectiles. If overused (more than two or three uses in a short time) Mac will enter a "pink" fatigued state in which he is unable to move fast and recieves 150% damage and knockback. This lasts for about 7 seconds. Mac will gain a star if he counter attacks with any normal attack quickly after the block is hit.

Neutral B - KO PUNCH/Sportsmanship - A strong punch that is chargeable and storeable. To charge, Mac does several bicep curls until he starts glowing. Instead of dealing powerful knockback, it does 23% damage and knocks the ememy down. Unlike a normal state of knockdown, the victim must rapidly tap the buttons to stand back up or wait out the duration of the condition (about 5 seconds unless you hit them - then it wears off immediately). If Mac does not attack while the opponent is down he will get a star and his damage will be reduced anywhere from 10% to 100%...a reward for sportsmanship, depending on the % level of the opponent at the time. There can be some strategy here... Sometimes you will be faced with the decision of going for the health or going for the sure kill.

Side B - Skipping Rope - In Punch Out Wii training cutscenes Little Mac is shown skipping rope very fast. Little did we know how fast. Turns out the speed he generates creates enough lift to carry him through the the smash universe at least. In the air it is a pseudo recovery move, covering decent horizontal distance with minimal upward direction. It's effectiveness as a recovery increases with every star you get. It also reflects projectiles and thrown items.

up B - Star Punch/Uppercut - The Star Punch is Mac's signature attack. With no stars it is a basic weak uppercut, dealing about 6-7%, low knockback, more of a combo move at this point. Average vertical recovery with no stars.
On the ground:

1 Star: A decently powerful upward strike, does not jump. 10-12% but decent knockback. Good vertical recovery.
2 Stars: Even Stronger. No jump still. Just a strong powerful upward punch, 15-20 damage, above average knockback. Very good vertical recovery.
3 Stars: Very Strong, very fast. A jumping uppercut while spinning once. Vertical knockback is extreme, and will KO at medium damage, around 50-70%. The attack itself deals 25-30 damage. Excellent vertical recovery.

Star System.

How to GAIN Stars:
Successfully pull of Infiltration will all 3 hits with correct timing. Correct timing implies that you hit them again JUST as the brief hitstun wears off.
Attack an enemy while they are taunting.
Attack an enemy while they are charging a Smash Attack.
Attack an enemy, interrupting an attack by them.
Hit an enemy with a 0 Star Up Special.
Successfully land a fully charged Smash Attack.
Attack after Dodging/Sidestepping

How to Lose Stars:
Use the Star Punch.
Take a lot of damage.
Be hit by a Smash Attack.
(Note: Being KO'd, or Using the Star Punch uses all the stars. Taking a lot of damage or being hit by a Smash Attack lowers your

Star Count by one.)

User Info: Hejiru

4 years ago#6
Again, I'll post my one from November.
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