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What if they included different types of Pokeballs?

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  3. What if they included different types of Pokeballs?

User Info: mutehero7

3 years ago#1
And the type of Pokeball determined what Pokemon you would be more likely to summon, though all Pokemon would still be summonable from every Pokeball. For instance, a Master Ball would be much more likely to summon a legendary than a regular Pokeball, and a Dive Ball would have a higher chance of summoning Water-Type Pokemon.
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User Info: Ghasts

3 years ago#2
This thought literally never crossed my mind. This is a great idea. Now I'll be disappointed if Sakurai doesn't implement it...
Nanocarp and such.

User Info: taoxadasa

3 years ago#3
Yeah that'd be great!
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User Info: KroganBallEater

3 years ago#4
Lugia is too big.

User Info: RajakaiTheBeast

3 years ago#5
Wow I love this idea its WAAAAY better then that pony idea
On another note, Im now disapointed because it will probably wont happen
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User Info: mudkip72

3 years ago#6
It'd be cool if they did that and included an item toggle for each type, so you can do something like legendary pokemon only matches (that event match in Melee against a bunch of wire frames and Jigglypuff was pretty fun with that)

User Info: ChaosCreativity

3 years ago#7
I think it could work, but I kind of prefer the randomness of having one ball that you don't know will be amazing or be a disappointment.

User Info: gameboyblue

3 years ago#8
Hmm, have to think of that one. I have to admit, if that was a game mod for the older smashes, I'd def want to try it.

As long as a basic pokeball can still rarely get a legendary, and a rarer ball get a common pokemon on occasion as you said.

User Info: KlRBEH

3 years ago#9
A Master Ball could release Mega Pokemon

User Info: Rot8er_ConeX

3 years ago#10
I'm okay with it, as long as the regular one is the most common by default.
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  3. What if they included different types of Pokeballs?

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