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How about this for the Star Fox reps?

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User Info: xgiraffes13x

4 years ago#21
I actually appreciate that Falco is loved and has competitive value, so if I had to make the cut I'd do what's best for everyone compared to my personal preferences, it would be Wolf.

Great ideas though!
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User Info: PetaLucario

4 years ago#22
Jack_the_monke7 posted...
PetaLucario posted...
UberPyro64 posted...
Master_Warlord7 posted...
People want Falco just because they're super competitive and think that it somehow matters that he was in a game before Wolf. Sakuai's arbitrary decision to add Falco over Wolf in Melee apparently overrides Wolf's larger series importance.

Except he isn't more important. He appeared as secondary villain in 3 games while Falco appeared as a secondary hero in all 5 games. Plus he's seen in the games Wolf's in much more. I honestly don't get how someone can say Wolf is more important.

seen more =/= importance

Wolf is more important as a 2nd antagonist and arch-nemesis of Fox than Falco who is just 4th Arwing pilot of the Star Fox team (for 4th controller in Star Fox 64 multiplayer) and has not doing almost anything important, let alone the final boss in Star Fox Adventures.

I would say Wolf is 3rd most important to Star Fox series behind Fox and Andross, while Falco is 9th behind James, Pepper, Peppy, Slippy, Krystal, and Pigma.

I think you might be taking "importance" a bit too literally. James McCloud isn't really very important. He's Fox's dad who died. He's never even been explicitly seen alive save one image in Star Fox 64. He hardly plays any role at all in any of the games. Same with Pigma. He may have a role in the backstory, but in game he is no more important than Andrew. You're just ranking them based on backstory, not by what they actually do in game.

Also, importance to the series plot doesn't play any role in Super Smash Bros. If James McCloud is important to Star Fox than Demise is important to The Legend of Zelda. Super Smash Bros is more about how much screentime a character gets and how much popularity it earns them.

Anyway if you asked me about Star Fox characters, my opinion is that in importance:

Fox > Andross > Falco = Peppy = Slippy > Wolf > Krystal > Leon > Pigma > Andrew > Panther > Pepper > ROB 64 > James > everyone else

Lol no, James is actually more important than Falco as he actually helped Fox escape after Andross exploded inside Vemon in Star Fox 64.

Please tell me, how did Falco contribute the Star Fox series?

I'll add reasoning in parentheses: Fox (protagonist, player) > Andross (antagonist, final boss) > Wolf (arch-rival) > Peppy (Fox's step father) > Slippy (vehicles) > Krystal (adventures) > James (even though he's dead, he guides Fox after Andross fight) > Pepper (missions for Fox) > Falco (just a member of Star Fox team) > Pigma (boss) > Andrew (boss) > Leon > Panther > Rob64 (pilots Great Fox) > Everyone else

I have no idea why you have promoted Falco up to the same level with Peppy and Slippy and demoted James down to the least importance next to ROB64 and everyone else. I don't think you have ever passed Route 2 Vemon in Star Fox 64?

And for character importance in Smash Bros:
Fox (of Star Fox series) > Wolf (arch-rival of Fox) > Falco (one member of Star Fox team)

Sakurai happens to include Falco in before Wolf in Melee...

Fox (mandatory) > Falco (Melee status) > Wolf (almost got into Melee but missed due to time constraints, he's now made it into Brawl)

Now that Wolf managed to be a important fighter of Smash bros thanks to his Brawl status.

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Fox > Wolf >>>>> Falco

User Info: PetaLucario

4 years ago#23
Oops I was brainstorming in Slippy's parentheses

It's engineering expert, not vehicles
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