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why do you guys keep clamoring for more female reps?

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  3. why do you guys keep clamoring for more female reps?

User Info: tremain07

3 years ago#1
Do they make you horny or are there actually legitimate reasons for this?
I got nothing

User Info: papermegaslime

3 years ago#2
People think that the game is sexist for not having nearly as many female characters as male ones. I somewhat agree, but the solution isn't to throw in characters just because they're female, but for Nintendo to create new IPs with female protagonists.
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User Info: Mustavus

3 years ago#3
Smash itself isn't sexist. It just sort of underlines how Samus is basically the only female Nintendo protagonist.

I'd like to see more female characters just for the variation in design from what we already have.
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User Info: stfn12345

3 years ago#4
I kinda wish they had pushed Brittany a little harder as the main character of Pikmin 3. I get that none of them are truly supposed to be more important than the others as far as the story is concerned, but I got the vibe that Brittany was the most important crew member but was pushed back to the level of Alph and Charlie for seemingly no reason. I mean, she was the botanist in a game about plants collecting fruit, she should have been hogging the spotlight a little more than she already was.

User Info: Lexmark1989

3 years ago#5
Same question has been asked plenty of times, doesn't hurt to use the search bar people.
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User Info: NinjaNomad196

3 years ago#6
I don't care, honestly. What "body parts" you have shouldn't matter.
Good reps, not gender reps.
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User Info: MeepleLardicle

3 years ago#7
Well, depends on the character really.

Some female characters like Palutena have a lot of things in their favor, so it's more a case of "popular candidate that happens to be female." In the case of Dixie Kong, I can't see that as anyone being horny since while female, she's not sexualized in the least (or does a Monkey with long hair and a pink outfit turn you on? ...don't answer that...)

In the case of, oh, Tharja, ignoring all the troll responses, I can't imagine there's a reason people want her in besides the sexualized aspect, given how she dresses and they even made a figurine exploiting her appearance.

And in some cases, people just want females because we "don't have enough." Frankly, as far as I'm concerned, if a female is to get in, there should be a good reason behind it.

As in, they should be like Palutena; a good candidate who happens to be female. At best, "is female" is a tie-breaker, but in most cases should be a non-factor.

Peach and Zelda, for example, got in not because they're female, but because they are among the biggest names in their franchise.

As it stands, only Palutena, Dixie, and maybe Lucina strike me as female reps that have points going for them other than "they're female!", at least as far as franchises already repped.
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User Info: Mightymega

3 years ago#8
NinjaNomad196 posted...
I don't care, honestly. What "body parts" you have shouldn't matter.
Good reps, not gender reps.

Shouldn't matter but it does matter, people need to stop acting like its not an important matter because its not the same as a race issue.
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User Info: joshl94

3 years ago#9
People can't want some variety?
I would like some more female characters. We only have 3. It'd be nice to have more.
Palutena and Ashley for Smash.

User Info: evosthunder

3 years ago#10
Because it's perfectly fine to want a character solely because they're female.

At least that's what I get from this board.
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  3. why do you guys keep clamoring for more female reps?

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