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Cuts for the sake of replacing characters is illogical

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  3. Cuts for the sake of replacing characters is illogical

User Info: DJ_blue

4 years ago#11
Ghasts posted...
SmallerRidley posted...
Do you ever feel not so fresh down there?

Yes, ever since I accidentally myself! Is it safe?

User Info: Johnknight1

4 years ago#12
The OP is right because he's smart.

Previously playable characters are easier to do. You have their old movesets, old frame data, old damage percentage and movement data, and you can port a lot of that stuff over (which happens in each smash game BTW, even when Sakurai said he had "clean slates" this still happened a lot).

Even if you have a "clean slate" in terms of data, you can still just redo everything, which is much easier.

With new characters, you have to brainstorm, pick one out of dozens upon dozens of characters, brainstorm more, decide how they move, how they react to situations with their body movements, how floaty they are, how fast they are, what their weight in, the frame data for all of their moves, the angle at which moves hit at, the damage moves do, all of the character's attacks and how they function, work, and effect the opponents, as well as making this work.

Oh, and you don't really have anything on the past to rely on for a good "model."

Returning veterans is simply easier to balance, easier to program, easier to come up with, is less time consuming, less expensive, and more efficient. Basically everything is easier and better when you just return the veterans.

That's why I think Sakurai and co. would be wise to return everyone from Brawl, add Mewtwo, and go from there, which is what I honestly think they did. That way we can get the biggest roster possible, as well as the most complete, balanced, and interesting roster possible.

I mean, would you want a 50 character roster with the 39 characters from Brawl plus Mewtwo, or a 40 character roster with 20 veterans and 20 newcomers=???

This is considering (pretty much the fact) that the quality of potential newcomers is considerably less than it was with Melee and Brawl because most of said top potential newcomers were playable in either or both of those games, or are the 3 confirmed Smash Wii U and 3DS newcomers we have now.
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  3. Cuts for the sake of replacing characters is illogical

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