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Seriously guys, Reggie for Smash.

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  3. Seriously guys, Reggie for Smash.

User Info: Jacob46719

3 years ago#1
Buying These: Mario 3D World, WWHD, SSB4, SSB4, MK8, Watch Dogs, CoD: Ghosts, Pokemon Y, Zelda: ALBW, X
May Buy These: PS4, Infamous: SS, Destiny, ESO

User Info: XWolfO

3 years ago#2
Seriously, TC, stop with this nonsense, please.

User Info: Ghasts

3 years ago#3
What's the point of making fad topics if the original isn't even meant to be funny?
Pichu and such.
Nanocarp and such.

User Info: Simmedon

3 years ago#4
Why so serious?
FC in profile. PS: False_hturT
"C'mon." "Dance for me!" ~Gunslinger Gilder

User Info: Roll_kix_azz

3 years ago#5
Who? :o
Remember: Roll is FTW, ppl who h8 her are FTL. This is a golden rule
Official Ino of the Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 board

User Info: Seb_Ramoray

3 years ago#6
Whose Reggie?
Dimentio in Super Smash Big Brother
Dimentio, Midna, Monita, Blaziken, Lip and Klonoa to SSBU
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  3. Seriously guys, Reggie for Smash.

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