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IF we had a 52 character roster...

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User Info: Majoras_Visage

4 years ago#1
THEN the character select screen could be the exact smash logo shape.

.....OQOO...... O = Character Slot
...OOQOOO... Q = Character Slot (Darkened to show smash bros "+" logo in the ball)
OOOQOOOO ... = Where your selected character would show according to what player you are

With your character selections filling up the spacious corners. P1 in top left, etc.

How happy would you be with this awesome, fantastical, incredible design? Disregarding what characters are actually in there.
N64 had the best games on it: Super Mario 64, Loz OOT and MM, DK 64, Star Fox 64, Perfect Dark, Banjo-Kazooie, Super Smash Bros, Pokemon Stadium, among others

User Info: Pitaya

4 years ago#2
It'd be an underwhelming amount given total amount of characters, but if this was done for unlockable characters that'd be pretty cool.
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  3. IF we had a 52 character roster...

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