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Has the roster has already been set?

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User Info: smashman92

3 years ago#1
Do you think Sakurai and team have already decided which characters will be included in SSB4?

I'm thinking that if this game is scheduled for release next year, the roster has probably already been finalized
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User Info: FirEmblmFan

3 years ago#2
It's possible. I honestly feel that they do have it finalized, just not telling us.

I would like to know about what modes, items, or stages are returning, and how many new ones there will be. Also, I would like to know the exact number of the roster, not necessarily who is in, just how many.
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User Info: RedFlyNinja

3 years ago#3
They only have enough time to add 3 completely new characters (Have not been thought of until this very moment and uncoded)

But Dr.DLC will fix that anyway

User Info: bisonyesyes

3 years ago#4
Ask Sakurai, not us.

User Info: Blulightning

3 years ago#5
In game development you finalize stuff like that before you even begin developing it.

It's called a 'Game Design Document'. Although the designs can change, the changes are accounted for within the document.

So the roster is finalized, but Sakurai may still end up changing the roster to account for new ideas for certain characters, or other characters who aren't working out like they had planned. In his document he will have backup characters, and depending on the amount of time available if work has already been done on scrapped characters, the choices remaining may just be clones.

There is even the possibility of some people finishing early and getting to work on an extra character who might otherwise been left out.

In other words, the "potential" roster is finalized. The plans for the roster have also been finalized.
But inevitably, the final roster of the game product we will see in stores depends on how development goes.
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User Info: ViewtifulGina

3 years ago#6
Probably. Though characters could be added or removed based on how development progresses.

User Info: The One Pharaoh

The One Pharaoh
3 years ago#7
Sakurai probably already decided on every character he wants to try to include in the game. The final roster will be built from this pre-selected list of characters and will vary depending on how many characters the team can develop and refine to Sakurai's standards. With some characters getting priority over others.

Also, there are outliers like Mega Mewtwo which Sakurai hadn't anticipated.

I think this is the way Sakurai works it based on the existence of the so-called forbidden seven, characters left uncompleted deep in Brawl's code.
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  3. Has the roster has already been set?

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