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What were some rumors that you heard about Smash as a kiddo?

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  3. What were some rumors that you heard about Smash as a kiddo?

User Info: GeneralPengu

4 years ago#1
Bringing this back.
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User Info: Margisame

4 years ago#2
(N64) To unlock the last character (Who I didn't know was Ness) I needed to beat Very Hard with 1 stock.

I was young and so naive.
I did it and received no one.

After I told my friend I did it, how told me to do it again on Normal with 3 stock.
Yay Nessu.
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User Info: Companion_Cube_

4 years ago#3
I didn't hear any.
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User Info: colt85

4 years ago#4
That special moves required button combinations like other fighters.

There was a classic mushroom kingdom level, which turned out to be true.
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User Info: Majora787

4 years ago#5
Beating Ness' unlock criteria on the N64 has a 50% chance of unlocking Bowser instead. But if you unlock Ness you have to clear your data and try again.

Or Toad being playable in Melee if you played 24 hours as Princess Peach.

There were some weird rumors going on back in the day.
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User Info: paw-draw-hound

4 years ago#6
other than the infamous unlock Sonic and Tails in Melee nothing really

User Info: RedFlyNinja

4 years ago#7
In Brawl,You could unlock Master Hand with 1,000 brawls

User Info: ElectricNova

4 years ago#8
That Sheik was male
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User Info: ben10pokemon79

4 years ago#9
When I first played Smash, I thought Samus was a boy.
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User Info: WarpedLizzard

4 years ago#10
Sonic and Shadow being unlockables in Melee
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