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Is Smash in your top 5 fighting games?

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  3. Is Smash in your top 5 fighting games?

User Info: Scorpion122178

4 years ago#1
For me it is easily #1

1) Super Smash Bros Melee
2) Super Street Fighter II Turbo
3) Soul Caliber IV
4) Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3
5) Guilty Gear Accent Core
GT: Scorpion0489
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User Info: BloodPump

4 years ago#2
No. Top ten though.
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User Info: quinfordmac

4 years ago#3
Not changing this signature until the Cleveland Browns win a super bowl, most likely never. Signed 4/24/13
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User Info: firedoom666

4 years ago#4
Yeah my top five would probably be...

#1 Smash Bros Brawl
#2 Soul Caliber 3
#3 Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3
#4 Injustice
#5 Tekken 3
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User Info: SorrowOfAcheron

4 years ago#5
1. Super Smash Bros series
2. Ultimate Ninja Storm series
GamerTag: SorrowOfAcheron
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User Info: capturinggod200

4 years ago#6
lol no its good but not that great.
1.)Tekken series
2.)Soul Calinur series( though 5 was the black sheep)
4.)DOA series
5.)Marvel vs Capcom series
6.)Street Fighter series
7.)King of Fighters series
8.)Naruto Ultimate Ninjastorm series
9.)DBZ Budakai series
10.) Mortal Kombat

so not even in my top 10

User Info: taoxadasa

4 years ago#7
Yeah, I'd say it's my favorite fighting game series.

1. Super Smash Bros series
2. Playstation All-Stars
3. Mortal Kombat series
4. Injustice
5. Dead or Alive series
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User Info: PlasmaCannon

4 years ago#8
Don't forget. Always, somewhere, someone is fighting for you. As long as you remember her, you are not alone.

User Info: dragon7x2k

4 years ago#9
Maybe, I never took Smash Bros seriously but is pretty fun casually for me. Maybe someday I'll have to try going deeper on the mechanics and more complex stuff.

I haven't played it recently but the game is around the top 5, probably, I can't decide.

User Info: SearchBomber

4 years ago#10
Not even close.

SorrowOfAcheron posted...
2. Ultimate Ninja Storm series

capturinggod200 posted...
8.)Naruto Ultimate Ninjastorm series
Play Puyo Puyo 20th Anniversary. It's a good game.
Anticipate Puyo Puyo Tetris, though it'll probably be a trainwreck.
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