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45 Character Roster With 4 Cuts

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User Info: RedFlyNinja

3 years ago#31
No King K Rool?

User Info: FirEmblmFan

3 years ago#32
I give it a 2 because you have that trash Tingle in. Remove him and keep Falco, I'll give it a 9.
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User Info: BLAKUboy

3 years ago#33
I see Waluigi, Tingle, and Ghirahim. Automatic 0.
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User Info: yrag324

3 years ago#34
I gave it a six, almost a 7, because A) I don't like Waluigi and Tingle for mostly the same reasons, and B) I don't agree with removing Lucas, I don't like removing Falco, but I can understand why you did, but in reality, Lucas and Ness are very far from being clones.

Other than that I really like it, even Miiyamoto, and I liked the way it was organized too.

User Info: Fierce_Deity777

3 years ago#35
QJD1381 posted...
Tingle? Instant No.

It's people like you that make me honestly hope with all my heard that he makes it into the game :/
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User Info: liveman789

3 years ago#36
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