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Why did you pick your main?

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User Info: Sword_Slasher

3 years ago#11
I like characters that are fast with a lot of zone.
64: Pikachu
Melee: Luigi/Link
Brawl: TL
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User Info: ItsKaljinyuTime

3 years ago#12
Ryoukai posted...
inTaCtfuL posted...
Someguy_13 posted...
Other: I find them the most fun.

doesn't that mean the first option though

I happen to enjoy playing Game and Watch more though, because half of his attacks involve some sort of shenanigans.

That sounds like Option 2, but I probably don't get it.

User Info: Simmedon

3 years ago#13
It was Event 51 back when I was a noob that taught me how great midair combat with Jigglypuff was. Since then, it's become my real playstyle, though I can generally shift tactics as needed.

64- Fox, Luigi
Melee- Jigglypuff, Doc.
Brawl- ROB, Meta Knight.
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User Info: XWolfO

3 years ago#14
Because I like the character. I like how he looks and how he fights.

I've noticed that in every fighting game I play, if I like the character's looks, it means he plays awesomely. I know that's just a coincidence, but whatever. Works for me, and it makes it easier to choose my main.

User Info: webbc99

3 years ago#15
I'd never even heard of Fire Emblem when Marth was included in SSBM, but his fighting style was gelled with me instantly. I like sword users anyway, and had anticipated using link a fair amount, but he was too slow for me really.

Also I like characters with counter attacks.
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User Info: rayneotacon

3 years ago#16
I didn't pick him. He picked me. For victory is also my destiny.

User Info: GamersTavern

3 years ago#17
I suck at everything in Smash, but the character I played best as was Roy from Melee, therefore, I mostly played as him. At the time, I didn't even know what Fire Emblem was, so I merely played as him because I liked his fighting style.
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User Info: kukingina2

3 years ago#18
other: his fighting style AND he's my favorite character
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User Info: AnnoyingCornGuy

3 years ago#19
It was a little bit of both. Marth looked cool to me in Melee, I played him, started to like his playstyle, and eventually liked the character himself. Now I tend to play all of the Fire Emblem characters, and I don't know how to differentiate if it's because I love the series, or love the playstyles. So I picked other.

User Info: SuperSonicDBZ

3 years ago#20
Because they were my favorite characters before the game even came out..

64 it was Mario & Fox. Because I liked Mario & Fox. Pikachu was okay.

Melee it was Mewtwo. Screw the tier list. I learned Mewtwo's weaknesses and played to his strengths. I did pretty well for myself. I also still liked Fox and Mario.

Brawl - SONIC ALL THE WAY. (Decided on main-ing him before the game even was released) I learned to love his speed and Mario & Fox felt weaker for me. So it was all the Blue Blur. Donkey Kong did feel fun to play, so I did play him based off of how he felt. P.S: Lucario could go D.I.A.F. Sorry to his fans. He's cool in the PKMN world, but not in SSB... not unless he and Mewtwo can coexist.

That is all.

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