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Tell me your most wanted newcomer.

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User Info: Regan145

3 years ago#1
I'm curious. Which character does everybody want?
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Lord Ghirahim, Non-Clone Young Link, Bomberman, Mii and Professor Lobe from Big Brain Academy for SSB4!

User Info: NonTurtle

3 years ago#2
My most wanted newcomer? That has to be Saki from Sin and Punishment.

User Info: Chaos-15

3 years ago#3
Little Mac and Takamaru

User Info: AsterixKing

3 years ago#4
Isaac (Or Matthew... if they must...)
Eldritch abominations from beyond the edge of the planes are easily intimidated.
However, they can be very intimidating themselves.

User Info: Littlejeffery

3 years ago#5
SSBB fc: 4855-0629-0547 Name: WL
Mario Kart Wii fc: 0216-7101-8263 Name: Waluigi

User Info: Dsurions_Wrath

3 years ago#6
Robin/The Avatar from Fire Emblem: Awakening.
"Pray not to have easier lives, but pray to be stronger men."- President John F. Kennedy.
GT: Dsurion21

User Info: Exodecai

3 years ago#7
Let's try giving Waluigi a chance in the spotlight! 180+ supporters!

User Info: Piechotta

3 years ago#8
Lloyd Irving.

User Info: Kooky_von_Koopa

3 years ago#9
Mewtwo and Pacman.
...once again, my mind crumbles to Kooky's logic!-MetaFalconPunch
DISCLAIMER: English isn't my main language.

User Info: gamedude2009

3 years ago#10
AsterixKing posted...
Isaac (Or Matthew... if they must...)

I'd definately prefer Isaac. Or both. :D

My unrealistic most wanted, Vectorman. My realistic, a tie between Ridley and Bubbles from Clu Clu Land.
You do know that Ridley is only twice the height of Samus, right?
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