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Let's play a game. Here are 100 tokens to spend on adding characters to roster.

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User Info: gameboyblue

3 years ago#51
USERGameBoyBlue 100

-40 Little Mac
-10 Zelda

USERGameBoyBlue 50

50 left. I'll think on the rest.

User Info: zabimaru1000

3 years ago#52
In that case:

Little Mac - 40 tokens

Simon Belmont - 40 tokens

Mewtwo - 10 tokens

Ness - 5 tokens

Captain Falcon - 5 tokens.

User Info: Peachrules14

3 years ago#53
I would like to use all my tokens on Pichu.
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User Info: xbillydabossx

3 years ago#54
USERGameBoyBlue posted...
xbillydabossx posted...
Could you elaborate a little bit more on a potential new character rule not applied to Super Smash Bros. Brawl? I don't think I quite understand what you mean by that, but I am curious! (I'm going to bed now, but I will check back tomorrow evening.)

Don't get caught up on the Anime example, as that is all it was. Must appear on a nintendo console is a rule that only applied to brawl 3rd party characters(as previous installments didn't have 3rd party), and even if it is quite likely to continue, it is within the realm of belief for it not too.
For example it could be a hardware like ROB, or something entirely different.

tl;dr your coins already encourage good voting and penalize bad voting, no extra rules such as 'must have appeared on a nintendo console'(even if probably true), is needed, and limits potentially home run votes.

Again I acknowledge it's too late to do anything, as it's now written in the op. You should have encouraged wacky off the wall votes, as they do no harm, other than perhaps to the player's own chances, but that should be their risk to take.

Ooooh, I gotcha... Yeah, that might have been a better idea, hahaha. If I had the power to edit my posts, I would totally add that in. :( Good looking out!

User Info: WolfJounin

3 years ago#55
Ridley: -30 tokens.
Ghirahim: -30 tokens.
Wolf: -20 tokens.
Mewtwo: -10 tokens.
Ganondorf (more unique if not completely new moveset): -10 tokens.

Obviously ignoring characters that are obvious to return (like Captain Falcon), even though they can be included in the token usage for emphasis on how much you want them I guess?
Everything in life is a battle. Even peace itself is a battle to maintain it.

User Info: eclipse_exe

3 years ago#56
interesting.. lets give this a go shall we?

Lip 40/100
Mewtwo: 50/100
Bowser jr: 80/100
Ike: 100/100

nothing too risky.. but nothing absolutely safe ether.

EDIT: also just noticed someones already won extra chips.. nice job man!
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User Info: CMPunkCMPunk

3 years ago#57
I'd like Little Mac for 40, ZSS and Dedede for 20 each, and Mewtwo and Marth for 10 each.

User Info: ItsKaljinyuTime

3 years ago#58
This thread has been a strange insight on different ways people do math.

User Info: ItsKaljinyuTime

3 years ago#59
P00DGE posted...
I feel like many people will spend their coins on what they want in the game, rather than trying to win the game by picking reasonable choices that will net you your money back, and then some. I think people view this as a make believe genie, rather than a game that you can win by trying to be as accurate in your guesses as possible.

I just realized why this might come true. The title says "Here are 100 tokens to spend on adding character to roster".

But that's not what the game is. What it should've said was "Here are 100 tokens to bet on future roster additions". We're not adding character to the roster.
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