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Your Food Roster

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User Info: CapnMuffin

3 years ago#1
As you know, many Foods made it into Brawl, but many more were left on the cutting room floor (5 second rule!) Whether due to balancing issues (Turducken was op) or time constraints (no one could decide how to best represent Shepherd's Pie) some Foods didn't make it.

What Yummy Challengers do you want to be added to this iteration of Smash? Keep in mind that some Foods are technically already in the game (Peanut and Banana most likely, Radish, Hedgehog Meat) so they can't possibly be in as Food too. Also, some Food is too big to be in this game so at best they appear as a stage prop.
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User Info: Galaca

3 years ago#2
No Swiss rolls = No buy.

User Info: GreenWhale

3 years ago#3
Turkey sandwich.
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User Info: quinfordmac

3 years ago#4
One does not simply not include Gyro's.
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User Info: KillerKremling

3 years ago#5
I want me some Beaver Tails. Like I said this game needs a Canada rep.
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User Info: Galaca

3 years ago#6
GreenWhale posted...
Turkey sandwich.

Whoa, whoa man! We're including food that won't be OP! Honestly, if turkey sandwiches were included they'd just be banned from online! And that would be a waste of a slot.

Plus, Sakurai doesn't even like turkey sandwiches, meaning that there's no way turkey sandwiches will get in.

User Info: CapnMuffin

3 years ago#7
Yeah sure, turkey sandwich. If you want people to heal into NEGATIVE percent.
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User Info: Bob_Esrock

3 years ago#8
Does a leg of ham count if it's a weapon item? I have a desire to bash people in the head with a giant slab of ham in this game. You can even set it on fire to turn it into a healing item, which then heals like a maxim tomato. Talk about strategy.

Also, s'mores.
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