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What's tomorrow's screenshot? (2.0) Day 49

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User Info: Braver_Angel_70

3 years ago#11
Stage Builder
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User Info: KainWind

3 years ago#12
Pit is holding Peach's hand with Villager behind them threatening with a net. On the Animal Crossing stage.
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User Info: Burholt999

3 years ago#13
Since I missed the last two times I'll have to do my prediction for this day instead.

A Pokémon veteran revealed - namely the Pokémon Trainer, who is letting one of his Pokémon battle with Pikachu on the Battlefield.
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User Info: DasDavid

3 years ago#14
Sonic using his spring so as to avoid a DK punch which ends up colliding with a Villager boxing glove hit instead. Kirby watches in awe of the dodge off to the left side of the Sonic Lost World's stage.
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User Info: pholicious

3 years ago#15
One more time.

Jigglypuff uses sing, putting Villager, Luigi, and Pikachu to sleep on Battlefield.
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User Info: albertojz356

3 years ago#16
I must continue.

Jigglypuff revealed

other characters that appear with her:


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User Info: xbillydabossx

3 years ago#17
Almost forgot to add my prediction!

It will be a Wii-U screenshot of Battlefield. Villager will be planting a sapling while Wii Fit Trainer is crouching down on the other side, ''watching'' Villager plant the sapling. A random Pikmin will be somewhere in the shot next to Wii Fit Trainer.

User Info: SalsaSavant

3 years ago#18
Pic's up early today.
It's tink
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User Info: DynasticAnthony

3 years ago#19
BTW, I meant to say T. Link in the air, not Sonic.

Minor hiccup.
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