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Worst character? REDUX

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User Info: newxo5678

4 years ago#21
Other: Ike
Pyrrhon in hades kitchen

User Info: Pryexel

4 years ago#22
Ghasts posted...
Really? Pichu's still on the list? I don't know why Pichu is STILL on this list because he's literally the best character in Smash. In fact, if every character ever added in Smash were cut, and Pichu was the only character left, then no one would care because Pichu is just that amazing.

When Sakurai was adding Pichu in Melee, Iwata told him to stop what he was doing or else he'd fire Sakurai. You know what Sakurai did? He risked his job to add the mascot of Nintendo, nay, the mascot of gaming: Pichu.

When Sakurai was going to add Pichu in Brawl, Miyamoto held him hostage and told him not to add Pichu. Sakurai obliged out of fear. Sakurai spit in his face and told him to mark his words that Pichu would be in the next game.

Smash 4 is nearing. Now we wait. We wait for Pichu to be revealed. It's inevitable. Don't deny it.

Don't deny PICHU.

Everything this guy said!
Can you defeat a Level 9 Mewtwo in Melee with Pichu? Yes, if you have that kind of skill.
Hoping for Pokemon Thunder Yellow for 3DS.
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