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ITT: Movesets for third party characters:

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User Info: Oni_Taedo

4 years ago#1
Such an original topic, but sue me, I'm bored.

The only rule, is that they have to have appeared on a Nintendo console.
I'll start.

Include specials, final smash, and their stage, as well as their trophy information.. You can be as detailed as you like.

Simon Belmont:

Neutral B: Dagger Throw - Simon tosses a dagger straight ahead.

Left/Right B: Cross - Simon chucks a crucifix at his foe. Like Link's boomerang, it returns to him. It's tricky, and useful for combos.

Down B: Holy Water - Simon smashes a phial of holy water on the ground, the flames emitted from the holy water linger for 2 seconds.

Up B: Whip Grab- Simon whips in an upward diagonal direction. It will grab any ledge the tip of the whip touches, and act as a tether. It is also a very safe anti-air move, as it leaves Simon almost entirely out of harm's way. The only problem is that it has a 1 second recovery.

Final Smash:
Hydro Storm - Technically Richter's move, Simon decides to borrow it from his descendant, of whom he has no idea will even exist. Simon calls out to the heavens, and makes it rain (don't blame it on the rain). To make it a lot easier to avoid, as dodging tiny rain drops is impossible, the droplets are all roughly about the size of Kirby, and deal immense damage upon impact.
Lasts for about 10-15 seconds.

Stage: Dracula's Castle (The same area where you fight Dracula in CV1).
Themes: Vampire Killer, Bloody Tears, Main theme from SotN.


Red - Default.
Blue - Richter's outfit
Green - Simply a green Simon
Alt - Alucard

Trophy Info:

Simon Belmont hails from a family of vampire killers who have sought to free Europe from the evil clutches of the sinister vampire lord, Dracula.
Simon's main form of attack is the Vampire Killer, a whip passed down the Belmont blood line, since time immemorial. While he normally uses a whip, he constantly finds other weapons in candles, and can even find food hidden in the walls of Dracula's castle.

Smash (Red) info:

Simon Belmont is the hero of the first and fourth Castlevania games, and a gaming icon in his own right. While Simon is known for his slow walking, and ability to whip.
Fearless and strong, Simon has defeated Dracula a number of times. The first battle with the evil lord, saw Simon conquer the perilous castle for the first time, while the second fight had Simon hunting for Dracula's remains, which were scattered across Transylvania.

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User Info: InjusticeGods

4 years ago#2
Andy Allen from COD2: Big Red One.

B- Gun Shot: Pulls out an MAS1935 and fires one round.
Up B- Berserker: Fires the Panzerschreck launcher down towards the ground and gets an aerial boost.
Side B- Chatellerault: Sprints forward firing Machine Gun
Down B- Mount that b****: Drops to the ground and starts spraying everywhere with MG42.

Final Smash- Oh God No: Calls Gamestop manager to return game. All characters get ripped off by 75%-90%.

He is a major character in a major game. This game was the saving grace for the GameCube.

User Info: GeneralPengu

4 years ago#3
Why the hell not?

Sonic The Hedgehog Franchise

Dr. Eggman is equipped in some cool robot body armor.

B: Eggman shoots out a spiked fist from his armor.
B SIDE: Eggman sends a Motobug forwards to run over enemies.
B UP: Grabs on to a Buzz Bomber. Pressing B while in mid air fires a bullet from it.
B DOWN: Charges up Egg Shell (Read below)

Egg Shell is basically defense and attack power for Eggman. By holding Down B, Eggman is slowly boosting his defense and attack power to a certain limit. Of course, this is at the cost of a tad of speed.

FINAL SMASH A: Eggman yells an order and various Egg Pawns spawn and start attacking enemies.

FINAL SMASH B: If the Egg Shell is fully charged, Eggman spawns an E-2000R robot next to him and fires a very large laser, nearly guaranteeing a kill if it hits someone.
Survivor: Pit. BB: Pac-Man. WDI: Koopa The Quick. HK: Mewtwo.
List of 100 snags: 26

User Info: Ultimate_Umbreo

4 years ago#4
Ragna the Bloodedge
B - Soul Eater. Swings sword and recovers damage when it lands successfully.
Up B - Inferno Divider. Like Marth and Roy's recovery.
Side B - Gauntlet Hades. Like Falcon's side b. Has a spike at the end just like it
Down B - Death Spike. Has a lot of knockback, but is slow to come out. When used in air, it will bring up the dark energy on the part of the stage that is closest to where Ragna is.

Final Smash - Black Onslaught. Guaranteed KO on hit.
NNID: Soviet_Snorlax PSN: SovietSnorlax Steam:

User Info: Pryexel

4 years ago#5
Banjo-Kazooie's SSB4 Moveset

Neutral Attack
Banjo Punch

Repeated Neutral
Triple Punch

Dash Attack

Side Tilt
Pack Whack

Up Tilt
Back-wing Slap

Down Tilt
Triple Wing Slap

Side Smash
Breegull Bash

Up Smash
Wing Clap

Down Smash
Wrench Spin

Neutral Air
Wing Spin

Forward Air
Wrench Flip (Meteor Smash)

Backward Air
Backpack Spin

Up Air
Backflip Kick

Down Air
Beak Drill

Grabs and Throws


Forward Throw
Overhead Toss

Backward Throw
Taxi Pack (much like Donkey Kong's froward throw)

Up Throw
Banjo Catapult

Down Throw
Sack Pack

Neutral Special
Breegull Gun (Tap B to fire Blue Eggs)

Side Special
Breegull Barge

Up Special
Shock Jump Pad

Down Special
Breegull Bash

Final Smash
Fly Pad (Tap A to fire Golden Eggs. Press B to do Breegull Missle)

Kirby Copy
Blue backpack and yellow shorts.
When using the Breegull Gun move, he'll have the bird that Mumbo, Jam-Jars, and Jinjo use in the Shootout mini-games.

Side Taunt
Bully Kazooie

Up Taunt
Silly Kazooie

Down Taunt
Snooze Pack

Slow Landing

Win #1
Jiggy Get

Win #2
Jiggy Kick

Win #3
World Clear


All costumes are based off their multiplayer colors from Banjo-Tooie.

User Info: Oni_Taedo

4 years ago#6
Ryu Hayabusa:

Fast, but weak. Ryu's strengths lie in his ability to slip into attacking range, and get back out, before the enemy knows what's what.
He's at his best when running, and can keep up with the likes of Captain Falcon. His running smashes are some of the best around.

Neutral B: Shuriken - tapping B sends a single shuriken. Ryu can throw up to four of them. They do 2-3% damage each.

Left/Right B: Scroll of the Inferno - Ryu launches a spinning windmill of flames at his opponent, deals little damage upon contact, but does fire damage.

Down B: Scroll of Doppelganger - Ryu splits into two copies, any attacks aimed at him during this brief period of time, is immediately countered.

Up B: Izuna Drop - Ryu leaps high into the air and grabs anyone above him.

Final Smash: Hayabusa Style Super Izuna Drop - Ryu grabs an opponent, suplexes them, rolls over them, and then launches them into the air. He jumps after them, grabs them, and Izuna drops them into the ground. Upon the descent, Ryu and the opponent burst into flames, causing an explosion upon hitting the ground. The explosion damages everyone nearby.

Trophy Info:

Ryu Hayabusa is the heir to the Hayabusa ninja clan and the sole protector of the Dragon Sword.
Ryu is constantly caught in battles against monstrous foes like Alma, and Jacquio.
Ryu originally starred in Ninja Gaiden, an old arcade beat-em-up, but was then reimagined for the NES. Ryu's exploits are considered some of the HARDEST games on the console, and beating any of the Ninja Gaiden games is considered an amazing feat.


Ninja Gaiden (NES)
Ninja Gaiden: Shadow (GB)
Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge (WiiU)
TvC Friend Code: 4598-2098-0537
PSN ID: Oni_Ishida

User Info: InjusticeGods

4 years ago#7
I want to see more people respond to this topic.

User Info: NintendoMania

4 years ago#8
A Boy and His Blob
Just finished this one a minute ago. Pretty pleased with the results.

Neutral attack: The Boy throws two quick punches and finishes with a low kick to the opponent’s legs.

Forward tilt: The Boy shoves the opponent back with both hands.
Up tilt: The Boy stands on his tip-toes and stretches his arms upward.
Down tilt: The Boy sweeps his hand across the ground, kicking up a small dust cloud that hits the opponent.

Dash attack: The Boy grabs his backpack by the straps and swings it around while spinning.

Forward smash: The Blob turns into a Strawberry Shield. The Boy picks it up and charges forward with it.
Up smash: The Blob turns into an Apple Jack. The Boy pulls the lever down and the jack shoots upward.
Down smash: Blob turns into Bubblegum Bouncer. The Boy hops onto the blob, jumps up and slams back down.

Neutral aerial: The Boy extends his arms and legs out, tackling opponents mid-air.
Forward aerial: The Blob turns into a Coconut Coconut. The Boy holds the Coconut and slams it down.
Back aerial: The Blob turns into a Barry Balloon and circles around the Boy twice.
Up aerial: The Blob turns into a Pear Parachute and opens up. Can momentarily delay the Boy’s descent.
Down aerial: The Blob turns into a Banana Anvil, which plummets downward quickly. The Boy falls with the Blob.

Grab: The Blob opens its mouth wide and eats an opponent, trapping them inside.
Pummel: The Blob bites down on the trapped opponent to pummel them.
Forward throw: The Blob turns into a Cream Cannon and blasts the opponent forward.
Back throw: The Blob turns into a Cream Cannon and blasts the opponent backward.
Up throw: The Blob turns into a Cream Cannon and blasts the opponent upward.
Down throw: The Blob turns into a Cream Cannon and blasts the opponent toward the ground.

Neutral special: The Boy tosses a jelly bean. The Blob chases the bean’s trajectory, tackling opponents in its path.
Side special: The Blob turns into a Root Beer Rocket and blasts away forwards, which the Boy rides on. The rockets angle can be slightly adjusted upwards or downwards.
Up special: The Blob turns into a Licorice Ladder, which the Boy quickly climbs up. The Boy will jump off the ladder once he reaches the top. The Boy does not suffer from a Helpless animation after jumping off, though he cannot summon the Licorice Ladder again until he lands on solid ground.
Down special: The Blob briefly turns into a Punch Hole in front of the Boy. The Punch Hole deals no damage, but any opponents who are standing in or near it trip and fall over.

Final Smash: The Blob turns into the Grape Giant and the Boy climbs on board. The Grape Giant can jump and stomp opponents bellow it, hover to propel itself upward, and perform a rapid punch attack.

Taunt 1: The Boy bends down and hugs the Blob, who nuzzles against the Boy.
Taunt 2: The Blob turns into a Cotton Candy Copy of the Boy, causing the Boy to jump back in surprise.
Taunt 3: The Boy points down at the Blob and scolds him with a stern look.
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User Info: CrystalKing5426

4 years ago#9
Wouldn't the Grand Cross make more sense than whatever Richter used?
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Dark Samus for SSB4
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