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U guys...

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User Info: NinjaNomad196

4 years ago#1
Sakurai knows Halloween, instead of the "treat" you wanted" he gave you a "trick", it's obvious Male Wii Fit Trainer will be an assist trophy... xP
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User Info: Ghasts

4 years ago#2
Male Wii Fit Trainer will be a completely seperate character from Female Wii Fit Trainer and he will have his own character slot.
Pichu and such.
Nanocarp and such.

User Info: any14coffee

4 years ago#3
Male WFT is a stage hazard for Battlefield. I thought this was obvious.
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User Info: achimed

4 years ago#4
Yeah, guys. People are idiots. Lol costumes were already deconfirmed!
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