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I really need to change my main...

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User Info: Pokemanzzz

3 years ago#11
Storrac posted...
Pokemanzzz posted...
Tell us what your playstyle is first. Don't be shy.

Link. That's all I have to say because he is pretty much all I have played in every Smash game.

Why don't you just go with Marthmario's suggestion of Tink. He has a very similar playstyle to Link, and he is much better if he is utilized properly.

I found this:
Start here and keep practicing with him. Also, short-hop hookshot is somewhat useful. His grabs have tons of ending lag if it misses, but you can use it as an attack. He is also blessed with the ability to shoot two arrows in a short-hop. This can also prove to be very useful if running away from your foe. Now his D-Air. It is an overused move, and shouldn't be relied on too much because of its ending lag. Remember, Tink can have a second recovery with his bomb, so have out a bomb just in case. The rest is up to you to discover.
Lastly, watch videos of pro players. Bowchet is an excellent Tink player, so make sure to check out on him.
I hope this helps!
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User Info: princejb134

3 years ago#12
You should try new characters
I don't really have a main I always pic random since I'm good with just about everyone
However my competitive characters is fox and diddy kong

User Info: MuTeKiKen

3 years ago#13
Storrac posted...
boring as he has no personality or character to him at all, I might as well just switch to Toon Link since Toon Link actually has redeeming qualities in Wind Waker.

Yeah, Toon Link does have something that closer resembles a personality compared to other versions of Link. I don't see why that's special/important when fighting, but compared to something lifeless like ROB or Samus I can see you getting bored of such characters. It's sorta why I'm never gonna stop using either of Captain Falcon or Ganondorf.
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User Info: IAmMC2

3 years ago#14
Definitely Toon Link.
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User Info: kukingina2

3 years ago#15
I was gonna rag on TC on why he mains characters based on personality and not how they actually play and then I remembered I mained Juri Han in street fighter for the exact same reason
Is Metroid's gun part of his armor or is he a cyborg like Data from Star wars?
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  3. I really need to change my main...

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