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Xbox Smash Bros. Roster

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User Info: KillerKremling

3 years ago#1
Just for fun I decided to create a roster for a Xbox fighting Game in the same vain as SSB and PSASBR. So here's my roster not including Xbox One characters:

First Party Characters:
- Master Cheif (Halo)
- Marcus Pheonix (Gears of War)
- Alan Wake (Alan Wake)
- Banjo Kazooie (Banjo)
- Conker (Conker)
- Joanne Dark (Perfect Dark)
- Fulgore (Killer Instinc)
- Cooper Chance (Grabbed by the Ghoulies)
- Viva Pinyata (Viva Pinyata)
- Blinx the Time Sweeper (Blinx)
- Voodoo Vince (Voodoo Vince
- Captain Smiley (Captain Smiley)
- The Gunstringer (Gunstringer)
- Crackdown Agent (Crackdown)
- Toy Solider (Toy Solider)
- Kameo (Kameo)
- Splosion Man (Splosion Man)
- Brutus (Brute Force)
- Shu (Blue Dragon)
- Kaim (Lost Odyssey)
- Stubs (Stubs the Zombie)
- Avatar (Xbox 360)

Third Party Characters:
- Bill (Left 4 Dead)
- Frank West (Dead Rising)
- Big Daddy (Bioshock)
- Ghost (Call of Duty)
- Steve (Minecraft)
- Trevor Philips (Grand Theft Auto)
- Isaac Clarke (Dead Space)
- Fable 2 Hero (Fable)
- Comander Shepard (Mass Effect)
- Meat Boy (Super Meat Boy)
- Sam Fisher (Splinter Cell)
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My Dream Roster:

User Info: papermegaslime

3 years ago#2
A game like this made by Microsoft better have Clippy the Paperclip
Clefairy is best Pokemon and should be an alt costume for Jiggs

User Info: Lord_Prosper

3 years ago#3
Internet Explorer girl for DLC pls

User Info: Pikachu942

3 years ago#4
You say Ghost but not Soap? Are you mad?!
Smash Big Brother: Simon Belmont, The Host, Hades Kitchen: Simon Belmont In case you couldn't tell...Belmont for Smash Bros.!

User Info: liveman789

3 years ago#5
No Borderlands Character / 10

User Info: Eyemeralds

3 years ago#6
I'm pretty yuckin' alright with this.

User Info: SHADOW0106

3 years ago#7
The guy from ryse
Can my ego help you GT SHAD0W 4500

User Info: sdat

3 years ago#8
No Microsoft Sam? Horrible roster, 0/10.

User Info: ffdgh

3 years ago#9
I say nice list...still bitter than banjo not being in melee/brawl and 4 tho ):
the current condition of Nintendo by internet standards.DOOOOOMED
Keyblades and a flightless angel.

User Info: metalXgear

3 years ago#10
nice list.
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