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User Info: gameboyblue

3 years ago#1
What: This is a game similar to D&D. There is a(or several) Dungeon Masters, a dungeon, and players to explore it.

Where: The setting is "Smash World", where fighters are gathered to test their abilities, in a place where settings and beings from their home world and the home world of other fighters crossover.

Who: Players can pick a video game character to roleplay. Duplicates are ok if the first person is ok, and different colors are chosen. You may change character, but you will be reset, losing: items, support levels, and other gains.

How: How you interact in this world is up to you. Beings Smash Bros. is a fighting game, your main method of progress will be combat. You may also be able to secondarily, avoid, subdue, or sneak past. tertiarily you may be able to find diplomatic solutions, and beyond that it is up to the abilities and cleverness of your character.

Everyone who plays will contribute to this game one way or another. This can be: hosting a minigame, becoming mayor of town, or even a dungeon master, or contribute in a different way. The mayor runs the town, and can change it. Someone aspiring to be a DM can start out by hosting matches in the arena to practice running the combat system. You will not be asked and are expected to take care of this on your own if you continue to play.
See info about minigames and hosting them in the DEX.

When: the game starts now.

Choose a character
that ORIGINATES from a video game.
How Our Garden Grows

User Info: gameboyblue

3 years ago#2
I appreciate your help keeping this thread reader friendly! We prefer you:

-quote only very "small" bodies of text
-only give reminders of a "missed post" if it is about 20 posts or 12 hours old. Priority may be based on what is easier for the DM or what will make the most people happy with the least effort.
-make valuable posts

thank you!

Smash City

Slogan: "Your Final Destination"
Theme Song:
Mayor: "Lady" Melia Antiqua (Kyvos64) Nov 15th - Nov 30th

After choosing your character, you start this adventure in Smash City. You can stay here as long as you want roleplaying, doing minigames, or other provided activities.

When you are ready to take on a mission you will need to create the stats and abilities you wish to use for your character. These are permanent while on a mission!

Refer to the DEX for additional information, such as character creation, missions, minigames, city's destinations and much more :)

The following may be outdated at the time you are looking at it(check the DEX) though it will give you a basic idea of what is available to you.

•Smash City Downs•
"A humble mansion in the center of the city. A little old and dusty, but fairly nice."
MAYOR'S OFFICE: ONCE PER DAY if you are not in a mission you can choose to either drop off a GOOD LUCK LETTER or a THANK YOU LETTER for the mayor. This will help upgrade the city. You can also donate Smash Coins and unwanted items.
M. C: 2SC or 5GLL

•Abandoned Tavern•
"While the tavern is empty of customers, it's mission board is still active. Not much else to do here."
MISSION BOARD: Check the DEX on "missions" if you have created the stats and abilities for your character and are ready to take one on.
M. C: 1SC or 3GLL

•Back Alley•
"There are some trash cans and dumpsters you can whack and practice combat or have a match. There is also enough clutter and fire escapes for a simple obstacle course."
ARENA: Fight another player or practice against targets or guest characters, or do an obstacle course.
M. C: 1SC or 3TYL

•Cab Cars and Train, and Portal•
"To help you get to missions, you can ride in a taxi or take the train, or through the portal in Kamek's abandoned apartment."
M. C: 2SC or 5TYL

•Windy Apartments•
"Brrr, is there a draft? Old apartment buildings that still manage to hold together."
HOUSING: This is your item storage. You can buy a tiny room which holds 5 items for 1 Smash Coin. You can buy a comfy room which holds 15 items for 1 Smash Coin every 2 weeks(when a new mayor starts), or a deluxe room which holds 30 items for 2 Smash Coins every 2 weeks. If you don't pay rent your items will be safe, though then you can't put new ones in unless you have less than 5.
M. C: 15TYL

•Boardwalk• CLOSED
"Some cute shops have been opened up on this lively strip of the city."
STORES: Buy pre-mission smash items. Can only take one item into a mission. You need player housing to store extra.
M. U: 1SC C: 3SC or 5GLL

•Gallery• CLOSED
"A quiet place for contemplation of that which is Smashdom."
MUSEUM: Defeat iconic enemies and villains, or assist famous heroes to unlock their trophy. You get to write the 2 sentence description. Defeat another player to unlock their trophy. If open trophies can be found on missions or won in minigames! See the DEX on "trophies".
M. U: 1SC C: 3SC or 5TYL
How Our Garden Grows

User Info: gameboyblue

3 years ago#3
The players in the "itchy fingers" four player quest did not complete it in time. You all failed! You will now have to start all over...
just kidding.

The boss tells me he will give you three days from this post. Goodluck!

Ganondorf, Megaman, and Melia begin to make their way to the castle when suddenly they come upon a commotion in the market place...

"You're coming with us!" the knight demands to the man in blue armor.

--1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
A . . . ^ ^ . . c
-B . . k . . S . c
C . . K . . . M c
-D . . . . . . . c
E . . G X m . c c
-F c c . v v . c c

c = crowd
K, k = Knight 1 & 2
S = Saturos
M = Menardi
G = Ganondorf
X = Megaman X
m = melia
v, ^ = back alley, castle
How Our Garden Grows

User Info: gameboyblue

3 years ago#4
Mission Tracker: Previous Thread
Ninten (TopHattedTroopa) #249
Snake (Fisk117) #487
Venusaur (messhia_dark) #388
How Our Garden Grows

User Info: MegaWentEvil

3 years ago#5
I guess I'll have Kitana train in the Back Alley.

User Info: gameboyblue

3 years ago#6
What kind of training would you like to do first?
[damage dummy] [guest fight] [challenge player] [obstacle course]
How Our Garden Grows

User Info: TopHattedTroopa

3 years ago#7
(I choose attack)
Official Professor Layton of the SSBU Board.
Toon Link in Survivor. Mario in Destiny. Formerly Professor Layton in Big Brother.

User Info: Kyvos64

3 years ago#8
[speak to knights]
"What's wrong, here?"
Official too big for Smash Big Brother

User Info: MegaWentEvil

3 years ago#9
The dummy.

User Info: DamionDL

3 years ago#10
[Still helping Melia stay on her feet. Yell to the knights.] "If you're still looking for the thief, we know where he should be, and it's not here In the marketplace!"
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