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What game genre would you like to see the Smash series go into?

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  3. What game genre would you like to see the Smash series go into?

User Info: Time Wizrd

Time Wizrd
4 years ago#1
Been on a League of Legends binge so MOBA Smash bros is my pick.

User Info: Pikachu942

4 years ago#2
RPG, so much replay value with the characters and THINK OF THE SIDEQUESTS!
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User Info: Nielicus

4 years ago#3
Action-Adventure. I want a super mario galaxy-ish Smash bros game. I would love that.
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User Info: firedoom666

4 years ago#4
I would like some RPG kinda like Kingdom hearts that you go to the different nintendo worlds and try to stop subspace from taking over
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User Info: Sonictoast123

4 years ago#5
Dating Sim
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User Info: Austin_4e

4 years ago#6
None, because then Smash would become Paper Mario (i.e. each iteration they'd experiment with the genre / formula and we'd never get a classic Smash game again) | |
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User Info: TopHattedTroopa

4 years ago#7
A Mario and Luigi style RPG.
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User Info: VideoGamer1990

4 years ago#8
Racing or Platformer.
I got my wish for Breath of Fire VI.....but you know the rest. *sits in dark corner*

User Info: PunkNeverDies

4 years ago#9
Collectible Card Game
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User Info: Majora999

4 years ago#10
If Smash went MOBA now, people would go up in arms saying it's ripping off Heroes of The Storm.

I'd say Kart Racer. Feels like the next logical step to me. That or Party Game.
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  2. Super Smash Bros. for Wii U
  3. What game genre would you like to see the Smash series go into?

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