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You can never have too many Roster threads

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User Info: Oil_Panic

4 years ago#1
A selection of characters based on my own personal opinions and wishes. Featuring no cuts,as well as comments on why I picked certain characters.

A * identifies a newcomer

Super Mario Bros:
*Paper Mario

Wario (with more moves from Wario Land and World)

Donkey Kong
Diddy Kong
*King K. Rool

I consider Mario, Donkey Kong, Yoshi, and Wario to all be from the same series, so that is why they are grouped this way. Waluigi is here, due to me having a liking of troll characters (basically, really stupid and weird characters). Paper Mario has potential for moves involving hammers, partners, Pixels, and stickers.

The Legend of Zelda:
Ganondorf (using a sword and dark magic)
Toon Link (new moveset using items from Wind Waker, Minish Cap, and Spirit Tracks)

Ganondorf should stop showing off that sword, and finally use it. Sadly, it seems that the Toon Link moveset isn't happening...

Samus/Zero Suit Samus

Notice that a certain space dragon is not here. Do I want him? Not really. Would I be OK if he was in? Yes.

Meta Knight
King Dedede

No need for an additions.

Star Fox:

No one else is really needed here.

Pokemon Trainer

Originally, I had Lucario's spot replaced with a 6th Gen Pokemon, but none really seem to be Smash material, so I gave Lucario a chance to shine again. And Mewtwo shouldn't have been cut to begin with.

Fire Emblem:
Marth (Lucina’s Mask as an Alt. costume)

The most controversial section. I picked Chrom due to him being the most recent Lord. Ike is here due to my stance on nobody being cut this time around.


No one else is needed.

Captain Falcon
*Black Shadow (Inherits Ganondorf’s Brawl moveset with a couple tweaks to it)

These moveset changes would please fans who want Ganondorf to have his sword, and fans of a heavier Falcon clone moveset. Plus, doesn't it make way more sense to have someone from the same series be a Falcon clone?

Kid Icarus:

At first, I was OK with Palutena being a side character (someone Pit could call like Snakes codecs), but then I had a change of heart, and added her to my roster.

Ice Climbers
Mr. Game & Watch
*Wii Fit Trainer
*Little Mac (Punch-Out!!)
*Takumaru (Nazo no Murasame Jo)
*Mike Jones (Star Tropics)
*Isaac (Golden Sun)
*Ray MK III (Custom Robo)
*Saki (Sin and Punishment)
*Shulk (Xenoblade)
*Wonder Red (The Wonderful 101)

Several characters here were Assists in Brawl, who I felt would be fun if they were playable. Takumaru is here mostly because of Nintendo Land. Mike Jones is here, since we had so many Japan-only characters, and a US-only character would be a neat change of pace. I haven't played Xenoblade or Wonderful 101 yet, but they seemed popular and interesting, so they made the cut.

Third Party:
*Mega Man

I feel this is the most Third Party stuff that Smash needs. I brought back Snake, due to the unique style he brings, and for jump starting the Third Party craze.

Those are my thoughts. Feel free to complain about my opinion as much as you want.
The terms "casual" and "hardcore" are meaningless, please stop using them.
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User Info: papermegaslime

4 years ago#2
Yes you can, especially when they're all just the same characters over and over again.
Clefairy is best Pokemon and should be an alt costume for Jiggs

User Info: Seb_Ramoray

4 years ago#3

But seriously, Waluigi is not a Wario rep, as DK, Yoshi and Wario aren't Mario reps.

And Saki isn't happening. As Mike.
"How did it end up like this, it was only a kiss..." Not exactly only a kiss... >_<

User Info: Moohaha2

4 years ago#4
Pretty much my exact roster, except mine includes Ridley and does not include Mike or Wonder Red. But I like it, I'd be happy if this was the final product.
Geno, Ridley, Paper Mario, Masked Man, Shulk, Waluigi for Smash Bros U!
3DS FC: 0130-3243-3829 AC:NL Dream Address: 5300-2634-7525

User Info: ZeroCharge

4 years ago#5
Needs more Krystal. Seriously, I want a ****ing staff-wielding character, and she would be perfect.
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