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Ok, Lets take a look at the roster.....

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  3. Ok, Lets take a look at the roster.....

User Info: mrthecheeseguy

3 years ago#1
19 characters

Out of the 19 characters we have 5 mario reps (26%)

mario- expected
peach expected
bowser- expected
rosalina- new and cool i guess but i feel like they could've picked someone better for a 5th mario rep

Now lets take a look at some of the other series reps

DK- expected
samus- expected
fox- expected
link- expected
toon link - not expected and clone
pit- expected but brawl veteran
pikachu- expected
kirby- expected
olimar- expected but brawl veteran
sonic- cool hes returning- some say expected but others disagree-
marth- expected or replaced with chrom with similar moveset

Now lets take a look at the newcomers

Villager- Ok, cool, glad animal crossing is getting a rep
WFT- Ok, i guess (unique moveset but a totally random undeserving character)

Basically what im getting at is that so far this roster is pretty lame with reveals so far. So far we have an over saturated mario roster with characters that were expected to return with some newcomers that have been pretty disappointing in my opinion. I remember the pre-brawl days when they revealed characters like diddy, dedede, pokemon trainer, wario and sonic. The community was stoked because these were deserving characters. Those characters were way better newcomers compared to the ones we have today (rosalina, villager, wii fit trainer). I hope the roster improves in the future as the game gets closer to release just to build up hype.

What are your thoughts of the roster so far? Are you satisfied with the newcomers/ veterans?

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  3. Ok, Lets take a look at the roster.....

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