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Most likely roster with reasons.

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User Info: biohazard151

3 years ago#11
AdmiralZephyr posted...
I'm having a hard time visualizing what this would seem like unless I see it in picture form. I'm sure that there is somebody missing or something, but I can't quite put my finger on what. I can give you the following pieces of advice, though.

1. The Fire Emblem representation will NOT be Marth/Ike/Roy. It will be Marth/Chrom/Ike OR Roy. No way in hell is Roy returning with Chrom left on the cutting room floor.
2. I think it's pretty safe to say at this point that Dixie Kong is getting the third DK spot. K. Rool hasn't been relevant in years, and Cranky is AT material most likely (I would love to see him playable, but he shares a lot in common with characters that ended up as ATs in Brawl).

Overall I'll give this roster a 6/10. Not the worst thing I've ever seen on here by any means, but it's definitely lacking.

Most realistic rosters have users calling them "meh" and i think thats why, theyre so realistic no one would be cool with that, people want odd surprises and even odd representation from represented series. I remember an interview for the mvc3 creator who talked about this and said if we only had returning or just the most iconic characters, there would be no pizzaz and "whoa didnt see that coming" factor in the game.

This is why i always get annoyed on this board with people who hugely detract from the idea of including secondary or one shot characters because it makes the roster way too predictble, and never gives said characters a chance to gain popularity.

Imagine if Zelda had never had a sheik transformation, and someone requested it today. That person woul probably be told sheol was a one-off and not relevant, but in hindsight it was such a cool and fun choice.

I dunno, i dont mind the roster but ita not all tht cool aside from whats already announced.
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User Info: LeatherWings

3 years ago#12
AdmiralZephyr posted...
LeatherWings posted...
Roy has no solid chances of getting in over Chrom OR Ike. That is all I came here to say. Call me when we hear news of getting 4 Fire Emblem reps.

To be fair, Roy is easily second in line to Mewtwo in terms of "Melee cuts being reinstated," but yeah, his chances are still pretty slim.

Yes...but his competition is: Dr. Mario, Pichu, and Young Link. Who are all quite literally 'clones' of a character already in Smash. Dr. Mario IS Mario. Pichu is Pikachu before he becomes Pikachu, and Young Link is Link when he's younger but not overly Toon(y).

I'm not doubting Roy's potential...and you make it clear you see his slimming chances, but the fact remains. Ike fans largely out-number Roy fans now. Really depends how far along Smash was in this regard, pre-Awakening. If Nintendo got their hands on this game at all, I don't see how Roy's getting in before Chrom. It's possible the game was too far along, and the promo wasn't pushed, but we've clearly got a stage from the 3DS version of Smash based off of an arena in Awakening, so...time will tell. I could see the release schedule being an issue. Ike is based off of his Path of Radiance form despite Radiant Dawn having been recently released PRIOR to Brawl. (I also think I'm in the minority who want to see Ike modeled after FE10 in SmashWiiU too, but...)
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User Info: fungigamer

3 years ago#13
For some reason, I feel like the bizarre mention of the Duck Hunt Dog from the rumors floating around might be an interesting addition, if not as a character then definitely as an assist trophy
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User Info: TheAquaman803

3 years ago#14
Dixie was not highly requested for Brawl. Diddy was. King K. Rool was second. Dixie was lagging behind Rool by a mile.

Also, Rool being in this game isn't dependent on him being in Tropical Freeze. It's dumb to think that. Sakurai isn't looking for only the most relevant and important characters to put into Smash. The only thing he's been shown to care about for newcomers this game is uniqueness.
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User Info: Rayquaza487

3 years ago#15
fungigamer posted...
For some reason, I feel like the bizarre mention of the Duck Hunt Dog from the rumors floating around might be an interesting addition, if not as a character then definitely as an assist trophy

There was a single rumor by a guy who predicted a Pokemon rep would be revealed on XY's release. I think it's safe to say that it isn't the most reliable source.
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