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S*** People Say About SSB4 [Part 2]

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User Info: Smashbroseph

3 years ago#1
In short, this is a list of general list of things people say about Smash Bros for 3DS/Wii U. The phrases/sentences/wording does not necessarily need to be exact; just try to capture the general meat/idea/motive/essence of what is generally said around here. Intentionally exaggerated/cynical/biased statements should be used sparingly. The aim is a general list of what is commonly thrown around on the boards.

For reference, see the original, and now archived topic here:

Yes, I do have a lot. But be sure to add on as you see fit.

I called Rainbow Road!
I can't wait to play on Rainbow Road!
They better play the Mario Kart 7 Rainbow Road theme!
I dislike this Rainbow Road stage!
I'm sick of all these stages with one moving platform!
We don't need another Delfino Plaza!
What a missed opportunity!
We need more stages like Onett!
The recent 3DS screenshots are looking quite impressive!
Let's give reasons not to include our most wanted newcomer!
Lip has only appeared in approximately one game!
Ridley is too big!
Starfy returns as an Assist trophy!
Why didn't they put in Pac-Man with them?
Why didn't he do something special for Christmas?
Zelda confirmed!
Zelda looks beautiful!
Zelda is so photogenic!
Why does Zelda look so angry?
Why so serious?
She looks possessed!
Is the Darknut a special move?
Is the Darknut an Assist Trophy?
Is the Darknut her Final Smash?
It looks as though she's "commanding" the Darknut!
She could be doing her taunt or transformation animation.
I want Sheik to return!
I don't want Sheik to return!
It's sexist that Sakurai included Zelda in Smash!
His inclusion of females is so sexist!
Let's not give Sakurai credit for including more females in a game dominated by males!
Let's keep on making wild, irrational assumptions about Sakurai!
Let's keep on making wild, irrational assumptions about this game!
Let's keep on making wild, irrational assumptions and put them on the Internet for all to see!
Why did they not include her Skyward Sword design?
Let's assume that Sakurai hates Skyward Sword character designs!
It's her most recent design!
Her Skyward Sword design is more cute!
She looks so boring and dull and lifeless!
Twilight Princess provided a common ground for character designs!
Skyward Sword deviated a bit from the standard!
I like her Twilight Princess design better!
Zelda is not a princess!
Rosalina is not a princess!
There are many Lip supporters!
I doubt there are a lot of true Lip fans!
Let's make a poll about what characters we find most attractive!
Zero Suit Samus is hot!
Zelda is gorgeous!
Rosalina is pretty!
Let's talk about attractive characters we want in Smash!
Fire Emblem characters!
Sakurai is taking a break just like he did during the Dojo days!
Sakurai deserves a break!
Why do people want Takamaru?
Takamaru's game was a failure in Japan!
His cameos were bigger than his actual game!
Why do people not want Snake?
Snake was unique!
There is no valid reason to not want Snake!
Snake doesn't fit with Smash!
Snake is too different!
Snake was a one-time thing between Sakurai and Kojima!
Snake had his time!
Banjo-Kazooie for Smash!
He was made for Smash Bros!
Cole Sprouse also wants Banjo-Kazooie!
Let's make more ridiculous topics about Yoshi getting the cut!
Yoshi is out!
Yoshi is no longer relevant!
His absence in 3D World proves my point!
Yoshi is Toad 2.0!
Let's continue discussing random Smash Bros-related things during Sakurai's break!

User Info: Oil_Panic

3 years ago#2
Based on the fact that he has blue hair and a sword, Chrom should not be in this game.
The terms "casual" and "hardcore" are meaningless, please stop using them.
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User Info: MrPants3000

3 years ago#3
I remember this terrible YouTube meme
Waluigi time

User Info: Nielicus

3 years ago#4
If you're not relevant gtfo.
*half the roster walks off*
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