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Been a while since I attempted a roster...

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User Info: ItsMeSB

3 years ago#11
SaikyoBro posted...
The image from your last roster looks really good, very professional, and there are some things I like about the roster itself, but...

There are a few too many weird exclusions for me. No Falco or Snake is lame, and underwhelming newcomers like Tingle and Lip don't really make up for it...I also don't really get the point of getting rid of Ike or Lucario at this point, to be honest. I think just about every Brawl character is significant enough to justify coming back.

Also, am I reading things wrong or are you suggesting that the Duck Hunt Dog inherits Snake's Brawl moveset?

Thank you, for typing up such a patient, thought-out, and genuinely rational response. Kind of refreshing to see on here.

I know people generally aren't in favor of *any* exclusions, but Sakurai *did* suggest early on that some were bound to happen. As a way to counteract that, I wanted to merge some movesets. That's why you see Chrom mixed with Roy, and yes, Mr. Peepers with Snake. The animations and context don't need to be the same, but the mechanics of their attacks could very well apply.

I merged Falco into Wolf (instead of the reverse) because I'm a firm believer that if we have a viable villain, we should use it - *and*, every fighter's moveset should be as unique as possible.

As for Ike and Lucario, they're not *particularly* relevant to Nintendo anymore, are they? Lucario maybe, I could understand that argument, but Ike? If you ask me, characters are largely interchangeable, provided you keep their *movesets*, so as to not alienate the people who main them. That's what I like about Toon Link - he's pretty much just Young Link from Melee.

But again, this isn't a straight-up prediction. You can't predict this game.
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  3. Been a while since I attempted a roster...

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