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My fantasy roster

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User Info: achimed

3 years ago#11
You know what I love about this roster? It would make EVERYONE happy in the sense they get at least one of their favorite characters.

Like, Ridley. I hate Ridley. But I know people like him and want him in and have no objections. There's other characters I wouldn't like either, like Dixie, Krystal, extra Earthbound guys, etc,.

But there's also things I love! Like Lyn, Burger King, Cranky, and Kalos trainers.

All in all, I love it. My only complaints are no Ghirahim and no Snake. (Or was there? I didn't see them.)

Regardless, 10/10. Everybody wins on this roster and that's why I love it. Excellent work, man. :)
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User Info: SaikyoBro

3 years ago#12
Retroxgamer0 posted...
for the earthbound characters, maybe there should only be ness, lucas, and pokey, to save space. im thinking i put too many filler characters there.

Not to be a jerk, but "too many filler characters" is an understatement. Your choices for some series seem really bloated and out of proportion. While characters like Peppy, Slippy, Paula, Mew, Baby Bowser, Galacta Knight, Yuga, Cranky, and the Kalos trainers are important to their series, I don't feel like they're necessary at all in a crossover fighting game. Despite their importance, not all of them have any super diverse abilities or anything like that, and they simply aren't necessary for representing their series.

Let's look at Star Fox, for example; Peppy and Slippy are really important to the series for sure, but they don't particularly do anything that the other SF characters don't. Their only roles are that of sidekicks and team members, but Falco already represents this side of the Star Fox characters fine on his own. With Fox and Wolf representing the hero and villain as well, it seems kind of excessive to tack on 2-3 more sidekick characters just for the sake of having every important character from that series.

I think that's the angle you were going for, being really complete with all the series. Just about every important Mario character, Pokemon character, Zelda character, Earthbound character, Star Fox character, etc. It'd be cool to have all these characters, but I think it'd honestly be a waste of resources to make sure every single one of these series is so complete in representation as opposed to focusing on adding characters that are particularly unique or represent games that haven't been represented yet.

Also, you forgot a certain green dinosaur...

User Info: ZeroGravity38

3 years ago#13
Only like
Dixie Kong
Toon Zelda
Kalos Trainer

The rest don't like
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User Info: Retroxgamer0

3 years ago#14
Also, you forgot a certain green dinosaur...

i like the idea of yoshi being an assist trophy you can ride, instead of a character :)

User Info: Retroxgamer0

3 years ago#15
ZeroGravity38 posted...
Waluigi isn't a Wario character.

Looks boring.

waluigi should stomp your face in, with his massive legs

User Info: SaikyoBro

3 years ago#16
Retroxgamer0 posted...
Also, you forgot a certain green dinosaur...

i like the idea of yoshi being an assist trophy you can ride, instead of a character :)

Sounds charming, but there are other characters that could do that just fine without removing a Smash staple. For example, why not Rambi from DKC?

User Info: Retroxgamer0

3 years ago#17
i kind of put in slippy as a joke, i guess people have no sense of humor lol

User Info: CrystalKing5426

3 years ago#18
I take it you like Pokemon and Star Fox...

Eh, It's a fantasy roster so I won't complain about most things,

Only thing I'll ask about why you want Yuga when's he's mostly just Ghirahim Jr.
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