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If there's a Namco rep...

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User Info: Zero_Slash

3 years ago#1
It makes much more sense to have Jude from Tales of Xillia than to have someone like Pac-Man.

Think about it. Xillia was recently-ish released. Xillia 2 is confirmed for localization due to the sales figures for the first game. What better way to push more sales for the first AND support the second game before release by adding him?

Yes, I realize that Milla would also be a good representative for the game as well, but think about Jude's fighting style. It fits into the Smash Bros theme incredibly well. They could take skills straight from the game to use as his moveset, along with his Mystic Arte for his Final Smash.

While I find it unlikely that a Tales character would make an appearance in this game (even though it would probably be very positively received), it does make sense to advertise using this method, especially with the localized sequel around the corner. After all, Nintendo used the Fire Emblem characters toward the same end, so why not Namco with Tales?
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User Info: LtCmdDudefella

3 years ago#2
Because as far as I know, Xillia 2 isn't coming to a Nintendo console and Sakurai said Namco doesn't get any special treatment. Therefore, if there's a Namco rep, it'll be one that fits for better reasons.

User Info: Hozama

3 years ago#3
Namco did Tekken and Soul Caliber, right? We need Yoshimitsu in all his pogo-swording, flag smashing, suicide spinning glory.
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User Info: Gigaraver

3 years ago#4
^^ Somebody finally mentions Yoshimitsu! Hi five!
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User Info: Number090684

3 years ago#5
Hell no TC. Jude of all Tales characters is a pretty dumb suggestion, as what the 2nd poster said, Xillia 2 isn't coming out for or being ported to the Wii U. Not to mention he isn't very popular or even somewhat relevant to Nintendo and it's history as some of his peers, like Cless Alvein, or especially Lloyd Irving.

They could possibly consider Slay, the new main character of Zestiria, if it is being considered for a Wii U port as well, but at this point it's wild speculation and highly unlikely. Still better than even considering Jude though.
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User Info: generalguy64

3 years ago#6
I want Marshall Law just so I could beat people up as Bruce Lee.
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