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My Wanted Roster

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User Info: Seb_Ramoray

3 years ago#1

Brawl Roster + Dr. Mario and Mewtwo + Confirmed Newcomers + Little Mac and Mii +

Dixie Kong and K. Rool; The Newcomers DK need and should have.

Tetra; A second Toon Character that would not be a clone

Chrom & Lucina; Two of the main lord of awakening, showing its unique new thing.

Palutena and Viridi; Palutena is likely, and Viridi is awesome. Play Uprising and see

Kalos Trainer; For the sake of a Water Ninja

Slippy; A Starfox rep that follows my two rules: 1) Isn't clone/semi clone/whatever you call it from Fox and 2) Isn't Krystal. Besides him being awesome

Ridley; Because.

Magolor; If you played KRTD, you get it. He is > than Bandanna Dee

Prince Poo; One of the few Mother rep that can have diversity

Lip; Also because.

Tom Nook; Awesome character, looked at the envelope at the trailer

Shulk; Play Xenoblade and tell me you don't want him

Wonder Red; Has many potential, would be cool to see


Monita; WTF Rep.

Paper Mario; Best games ever, many uniqueness potential

Layton; THT managed to explain me how awesome this dude is.

Maxwell; So much potential...

Klonoa; My favorite non-nintendo character

Rate it, based on if you would like the additions and if you would've added someone else. Also the design.
"How to be an awesome user: 1) Be Seb_Ramoray" - Geno4life

User Info: KillerKremling

3 years ago#2
I think you want to much mate.
K. Rool is Love, K. Rool is Life
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User Info: Skull567890

3 years ago#3
8/10. Everything else is OK, but Tetra and Paper Mario don't belong there to me.

User Info: BlavkBallz3

3 years ago#4
Remove Dr.M, clone and we don't need any more mario characters. Just make it a Alt

No Viridi, just Palutena; KI is not deserving of more than 2 reps

No Slippy, Declone Falco and Wolf further and Star fox is fine

Replace Poo with maybe Paula or Kumatora

Turn nook into a AT, Newcomers shouldn't get two reps

Paper Mario; Maybe I would like to see a move set first

Klonoa; I'm okay with this but im not very likely

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User Info: MrPants3000

3 years ago#5
Thanks for making this a topic, so cool
Waluigi time

User Info: Responder

3 years ago#6
This roster has way too much, and has some undeserving characters.

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