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Chrom with Robin: FE reps with a new down b.

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User Info: guedesbrawl

3 years ago#1
How about having, say, Chrom fighting, then he uses his down-b. If soemone tries to hit Chrom right then, robin will come from the background to block the attack and then he will counter.

After the counter, you control Robin. wanna control chrom? Counter again.

You can sidestep during this move, and doing so will swap the characters, but they will not block or counter if you do it like that.

You can also press and hold b during the entirety of the move, allowing you to counter normally and keep the character you are using.
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User Info: Eyemeralds

3 years ago#2
A bit complex. I could still see it working, however.
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User Info: TopHattedTroopa

3 years ago#3
This could be quite cool.
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User Info: dr_burger92

3 years ago#4
I like this idea because of the pair up mechanic in awakening.
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User Info: Akaimizu

3 years ago#5
Ahh. People jumping in from the back to block and counter. Reminds me of some of the first Orochi saga King of Fighters games. The nostalgia.
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