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I will make a moveset for the first video game character suggested in this topic

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User Info: InjusticeGods

3 years ago#1
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User Info: Rethalwolf

3 years ago#2
Of FE.
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User Info: BetrayedTangy

3 years ago#3
The official Phoenix Wright of the SSBU board!
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User Info: ZeroGravity38

3 years ago#4
Actual Pokemon Trainer with no Pokemon.
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User Info: InjusticeGods

3 years ago#5
ZeroGravity38 posted...
Actual Pokemon Trainer with no Pokemon.


For this moveset, instead of Red just being a guy that punches and kicks stuff, Red actually battles with all of the equipment that he's collected throughout his travels. This way, he truly represents the player character.


Weight- 5/10. Red is not too large, and isn't incredibly fit, so one would imagine that he'd be light.
Power- 6/10. Red is accustomed to having the fighting done for him, so he isn't very strong.
Speed- 9/10. When walking, Red is not very fast. However, when he sprints, he equips his running shoes, and is incredibly fast. Not Sonic speed, but fast.
Technique- 10/10. Red is a very technical character, and he plays like no other. He uses Pokeballs, fishing rods, bikes, and many other items, making him unique.

Let's start with his normal attacks. For his neutral A attack, Red thrusts his arm forward powerfully, with a Pokeball in his hand. It isn't very powerful, and has low knockback. It can be used over and over again in succession, like Pikachu's headbutt. However, the special attribute is that there is a chance to pull out a Great Ball or Ultra Ball instead. If he pulls out a Great Ball, it does increased damage and knockback. If he pulls out an Ultra Ball, it does significantly increased damage and knockback, and has a sound effect similar to the Home Run Bat.

For his side tilt, he leans forward with one knee close to the ground, and pulls out the Pokeball just above his head. From there, he brings it down to the ground, damaging anyone in front of him. This has the same attribute as neutral A, as in he has chance to pull out a Great Ball or Ultra Ball. For his down tilt, Red sprays his repel around his feet, in a sweep kick like motion. It deals low damage, but great knockback. For his up tilt, he swipes a Pokeball above his head. The attributes also apply here.

For his dash attack, Red stops suddenly in his tracks, with rocks flying around him, like Rock Smash.

For his side smash, Red throws a rock, like in the Safari Zone. The longer it is charged, the farther it goes, and the more damage it does. For his up smash, a Zubat appears flying above Red's head, as Red ducks with his hands over his head. When you release the charge, the "Run from Battle" sound plays, and the Zubat flies upward, attacking anyone from above. For his down smash, Red uses an escape rope. He spins around, damaging any opponents in his vicinity.

Now, to discuss Red's aerials. For his neutral aerial, Red pulls out the Town Map, and goes into a crouching position. In this pose, anyone around him is damaged. For his forward aerial, Red has one of his Pokemon use Cut, creating a slash mark in the air in front of him. For his back aerial, Red turns around quickly in a 360 degree motion. When he hits the 180 point, he quickly pulls out a fossil, and then puts it away as he turns back around. For his up aerial, Red holds an Antedote out above his head. While it is normally used to cure poisoning, here it causes it. The opponent gains the status effect, and is damaged every second for 2% damage. It lasts for 5 seconds. For his down aerial, Red kicks downward with his running shoes. This causes a meteor effect.
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User Info: InjusticeGods

3 years ago#6
For his grab, Red casts out the fishing rod. It latches onto opponents, and brings them in to Red. This can also be used as a tether recovery. For his pummel, a puddle appears below, and a Magikarp pops out, doing a small amount of damage to the enemy. For his forward and back throws, Red tosses them in that direction with his fishing rod. For his down throw, a Gyarados pops out of the puddle, and strikes the opponent, bouncing them. For his up throw, you can briefly see Latios' head, as it knocks the opponent upwards.

Now for his Special Attacks.

B- Red uses the bait from the Safari Zone. He tosses it a short distance in front of him, If it hits an enemy, the enemy starts to eat the bait, putting them in a state similar to that of sleeping (Jigglypuff's Up B, Peach's Final Smash). In the air, Red doesn't toss it, he just thrusts it in front of him. If it doesn't hit an enemy, and it lands on the ground, it can be used to recover a small amount of health.

Side B- Red uses Surf. The generic Water Pokemon that appears when you use Surf is summoned in front of Ash. It swims forward, splashing water around itself. It travels about 3/4 the length of Final Destination. It damages opponents similarly to Piplup in Brawl, and it absorbs projectiles.

Down B- Red hops on the bicycle. You move just slightly faster than that of Sonic when on the bike. You cannot attack, and you can only jump once. To get off of the bike, press Down B again.

Up B- Red uses Fly. The generic Flying Pokemon that appears when you use Fly is summoned below Ash. It picks him up, and it flies above the screen. Then, it comes from the right side of the screen, and lets go of Red, but at a slightly higher altitude then when he used the attack in the first place. It is great for vertical recovery, but terrible for horizontal recovery. That is where the fishing rod tether recovery comes in handy.

Final Smash- Master Ball: Red throws the Master Ball in front of him. It travels about the length of Final Destination. After it is thrown, everything freezes for a moment, and all of the opponents hit by the Master Ball are captured inside of it. The Master Ball does the signature roll that Pokeballs do when they're capturing enemies, and with every roll, the opponents inside are damaged. At the end, the Master Ball bursts, launching the enemies.

Miscellaneous Things

Idle Animation:
Red tosses a Pokeball around in his hands.
Red stretches his arms out.

1) Red pulls out a bottle of Fresh Water, and drinks it.
2) Red uses his Pokedex for a moment, and then puts it away.
3) Red juggles Pokeballs.

1) Red stands facing the screen, with the Master Ball in his hand. He looks confidently at the camera.
2) Red and Professor Oak appear with Professor Oak's arm around Red's shoulder, as they both laugh playfully.
3) Red appears sitting on the back of one of the legendary birds.

Red has a palette swap for every other generation's trainer.
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User Info: InjusticeGods

3 years ago#7
I'll still do Anna, I just happened to have a Red moveset lying around.
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User Info: DarthNightmaric

3 years ago#8
MissingNo./ 'M as a character like Samus/Zero Suit Samus.
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User Info: 7lightsXIII

3 years ago#9
Owain from FE.
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User Info: Dinah713

3 years ago#10
Make one for KOS-MOS to see if you can trump mine.
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