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Which character do you most want to smell?

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  3. Which character do you most want to smell?

User Info: RememberingKim

3 years ago#1
Who do you most want to smell? I want to smell Wii Fit Trainer for totally normal reasons.

User Info: Rethalwolf

3 years ago#2
Can we name bodyparts?
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User Info: rigby591

3 years ago#3
Gonna go with Jiggles.

User Info: Waluigi7

3 years ago#4

User Info: RobotPirteGhost

3 years ago#5
Bowser. The turtle your man could smell like.
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User Info: mahboi

3 years ago#6
Game and Watch for the bacon.
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User Info: MuscleMarch

3 years ago#7
I'd like to smell Wario's farts
My body is ready.

User Info: MajinTenshinhan

3 years ago#8
Rosalina seems like she'd smell great. So, her.
Du är min getsallad. Haha, på pungen lol
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User Info: DJ_blue

3 years ago#9
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  3. Which character do you most want to smell?

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