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Give a character another character's move

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User Info: MetroidMewtwo

3 years ago#11
Fox and Falco swap Side-B's with each other.
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User Info: cctrunks317

3 years ago#12
Everyone gets a Land Master.

User Info: NejiKirby

3 years ago#13
Extrain posted...
Megaman gets Samus's charge shot.


Or give Mega Man's neutral, side, and air neutral normals to Samus.
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User Info: Metal_Sonic94

3 years ago#14
Link with Bowser's Flamethrower. 0_o

User Info: alpha-ape

3 years ago#15
Jigglypuff uses Wario's Motorbike.

I can't imagine how that would work, his hands are too short...

User Info: CantSeeRight

3 years ago#16
Wolf and Fox's entire move set... Oh wait Sakurai did that for us.
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User Info: Su-Qing-Xin

3 years ago#17
Ganonchu, though.
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User Info: CapComet

3 years ago#18
Wii Fit Trainer gets Luigi's Side-B, the Green Missile.
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User Info: TopHattedTroopa

3 years ago#19
Toon Link gets Kirby's hammer...

Give it an aesthetic change to be the Skull Hammer and I'm good.
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User Info: ktastrofe

3 years ago#20
Snake or C.Falcon getting Peach's butt/hip slam!
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