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So who could the Orange character be?

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User Info: HiImDaisyOhYeah

3 years ago#1
We sure don't have any Orange characters on the Smash website, who could they possibly be saving it for?

A few likely candidates

-Baby Daisy
-Daisy in her Sports outfit
-Cream the Rabbit

I say all have an equal chance to be our new character, but I'm really hoping for a sassy girl like Daisy to be added.

User Info: ecylis

3 years ago#2
Should have been Samus but they went with a dark blue for some reason.
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User Info: Sewaddle

3 years ago#3
It's obviously spongebob. The Nickelodeon logo is orange, thus, Spongebob is confirmed.

User Info: albertojz356

3 years ago#4
I support my favorite Nintendo Starlets: Pauline, Palutena, Anna, Captain Syrup, and also Shantae, and Bayonetta for Smash Bros Wii U/3ds.

User Info: Kamek69

3 years ago#5
Something weird like Ice Climbers, because Sakurai.
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User Info: redechidna16

3 years ago#6
Tails. Most logical second character to rep Sonic, and he's orange :D
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User Info: YoyokuKO

3 years ago#7

User Info: Ravio_Yo

3 years ago#8
YoyokuKO posted...

User Info: Noble-Heart

3 years ago#9
Official Crystal of the Pokemon X and Y board

User Info: ZeroGravity38

3 years ago#10
Pokemon Trainer
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