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Your reaction: Your most wanted newcomer is confirmed... as an assist trophy

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  3. Your reaction: Your most wanted newcomer is confirmed... as an assist trophy

User Info: MooMinded

3 years ago#1
On a scale of 1 to 10, how angry would you be?

I'd be like a 3 at the very most, considering I'd mainly be disappointed than angry... but in the very least certain characters I wanted get a form of representation and hopefully a nicely made 3D model.

User Info: SmashingBros

3 years ago#2
Huh... I guess that makes all of Sakurai's trolling with Palutena pretty pointless than.

User Info: ecylis

3 years ago#3

Seriously would not buy
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User Info: barrabaCHHS

3 years ago#4
well I didn't expect daroach to be playable at all but it does highten his chance for ssb5.

User Info: ThatPersonGuy

3 years ago#5
Not again!
There are two sorts of people on the internet. Those who bash Nintendo on everything, and those who will defend them on anything.

User Info: Seb_Ramoray

3 years ago#6
My most wanted realistic newcomer?

Then Palutena is a assist.. I suppose 6; mad at the leak and of the model actually being made.

My most wanted almost-realistic newcomer?

Kalos Trainer.. I think 7. I mean, if you're not adding him, don't make him an assist. What will he do?

My most wanted unrealistic newcomer. Klonoa

8. This means they bought the rights to use him, and added him as an Assist. Dumb move.

My most wanted hyper-unrealistic newcomer?

A tag team of all 722 pokémons, I can't see that as an Assist.
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User Info: RotomGuy3

3 years ago#7
I have two most wanted newcomers.

If a Pikmin characters got in as an AT, I would actually be pretty happy, especially if it was the Waterwraith.

I would not be very happy, however, if Kalos Trainer was an AT since that makes no sense at all.
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User Info: Excalibur0123

3 years ago#8
At least Square wand Disney would've let Sora in. Hopes would be high for ssb5
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User Info: Nath1343

3 years ago#9
That already happened to me with Brawl, would be disappointed but not surprised if it occurred again.
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User Info: Extrain

3 years ago#10
5. At least this character is in the game. I'm not a baby like **. ahem some people. I will never stop posting that pic
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  3. Your reaction: Your most wanted newcomer is confirmed... as an assist trophy

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