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what Stage do you want to see in the new smash bros?

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  3. what Stage do you want to see in the new smash bros?

User Info: strider_123

3 years ago#1
name the series and name of area as well as what system it will be for.
stage: One of the landscapes of fire emblem awaking. (Series: fire emblem, System: 3ds)
Preferably the last stage with the villain flying through.
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User Info: Mahdioh

3 years ago#2
I'd like the Factory from Super Mario RPG as a Wii U stage. It could be like the Fire Emblem stage in Brawl that falls down a few floors sometimes.

First Floor- Smoky dark conveyor belt area with turning screws.

Second Floor- Drill-bit production room. Gunyolk fires from the background every so often like the Halberd gun.

Third Floor- Smithy's furnace. Bumpy Smithy head terrain that occasionally overheats, requiring you to stand on platforms for a bit.

To restart the loop, a starry teleportation effect shows up and you're back on the first floor.
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User Info: Leaisaxel

3 years ago#3
Bowser's Castle(Wii U), Sitcker Festival(3DS), Lorule(3DS, and Happy Valley(Wii U).
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User Info: _s_e_r_

3 years ago#4
A Luigi's Mansion 2 stage.
The background and some stage hazards of it could change, showing all the mansions the game had.
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User Info: KCJ5062

3 years ago#5
Bowser's Castle
A stage from Luigi's Mansion 2
The Theatre from Paper Mario 2
Sunset Shore from Donkey Kong Country Returns
Macbeth from Star Fox 64

User Info: Shackleford_R

3 years ago#6
Onboard the flight deck of a carrier from Advance Wars. The ship's island would provide platforms. Also, possibly, transport helicopters could carry some platforms to fight on as well. The aircraft catapult could be a stage hazard.

The background would be standard stuff for a carrier, jets taking off and landing, crew working, etc.
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User Info: toidiedud

3 years ago#7
I'd like the Mr.Saturn Village as a stage from Earthbound.

User Info: Aerroh

3 years ago#8
Bowser's Castle

so we can finally get a good side-scroller stage

User Info: Austin_4e

3 years ago#9
Bowser's Castle (Mario), Gangplank Galleon (DK), The Devil Machine (Mother), Haunted Towers (Luigi's Mansion 2), and Aeropolis or Phantom Road (F-Zero GX) | |
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