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If you could get any 4th Party Character in this game, who would it be & why

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  3. If you could get any 4th Party Character in this game, who would it be & why

User Info: Ixbran

3 years ago#1
Just a fun little project I figured give us all something to do and talk about while we wait for more info. It's obvious it would likely never happen, but its fun to imagine "What If".

A 4th Party Character is basically a character that has no association to Nintendo directly. Characters from cartoons, animes, movies, animation, characters from live action series. Even characters from books would count. Also characters from games who've never been on a nintendo console would also count as 4th Party.

How this works is you list a character, name what their abilities would be, specials, attacks, and final smash. As well as explain why you think Sakurai would put that character in this game.

User Info: Tight-Knots

3 years ago#2
spongebob, ha impact
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User Info: Ixbran

3 years ago#3
My 4Th Party character
Snow Queen Elsa from Disney's Frozen

Character type: Light Weight, but heavy hitting character. She'd be a "Glass Canon" character type. Fitting her theme of a character who fights with Ice, natures naturally formed glass.

Neutral Special, Ice Wall: Two button prompt, forms a wall in front of her to form a defensive shield, pressing the button a second time would cause ice spikes to form on the wall facing away from her, and shoot directly in front of her, afterwards the ice wall will collapse. If one decides not to use the ice spikes, the wall will remain and she can set up more than one as an opstical. the second she performs a two button prompt of her neutral special, all the walls will form ice spikes, on both sides (sans the one shes next too) and they will charge outwards.

Over Special, Frozen Charge: Places a hand behind her, and propels her self forward with a blast of ice magic, the hand she has out in front of her forming a spear around her hand to damage enemies. Also works as a horizontal air recovery.

Up Special, Crystal Staircase: Creates hovering ice pads for her to walk onto at a slanted vertical angel. Enemies who walk on these steps will be frozen in a block of ice instantly, and slide down them.

Down Special, Slippery Step: Takes a series of steps on the ground, causing ice to form on the ground underneath her. Enemies who step on this will slide around if they are moving slowly. If they are moving quickly, they will trip and fall the the ground. Will eventually melt 30 seconds after its placed. can be used up to 4 times in a row. Using it a 5th time will cause the first one that formed to disappear, if it hasn't melted away yet.

Final Smash, Let it Go: Elsa releases a burst of magical energy out from her body, blasting all enemies within intimidate range of her body. Enemies will be frozen in blocks instantly. Depending on how far away/close you are too her, depends on how long the ice block lasts. If your right next too her, you take damage, freeze, and stay frozen for several seconds. If your fairly far from her, you'll freeze for only the duration of the blast, and break out instantly.

Her normal attacks will focus on encasing her arms, hands, legs, and feet in ice. Making her a Melee character up close and personal.

As stated before, Elsa would be a Glass Canon character. A Ton of power, and can dish it out fairly easily. How ever, shes a light weight, she can easily be sent flying before her hit % gets into the red. Shes a character that has to focus on using the environment too her advantage, creating slippery floors, spiked ice walls, and her ice platforms to encase and trap her opponents.

She is meant to be a danger to all of her opponents, but if someone can get past her frozen traps, and can deal damage too her, they can knock her out easily.

Her reason for getting is is because with the Japanese release of Frozen being so close, he'd seen it and fell in love with her character, for both her story, personality, and abilities.

User Info: InjusticeGods

3 years ago#4
Light Yagami /w Ryuk from Death Note.
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User Info: Rethalwolf

3 years ago#5
Can't decide between Altair and Master Chief.
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User Info: Waluigi7

3 years ago#6
Does Paul McCartney count? If not, not then Sergeant Pepper
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User Info: PK_Wonder

3 years ago#7
There is only one right answer: a second party turned fourth party character, Banjo-Kazooie.
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User Info: Majora999

3 years ago#8
Cole MacGrath from inFAMOUS.

I actually created a moveset for him a long time ago (like, half a year or so before PSASBR was announced), but I don't think I have it anymore.
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  3. If you could get any 4th Party Character in this game, who would it be & why

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