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I think every character should get they're own stage.

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User Info: Emmy_Altava

3 years ago#31
I like to think that Pokefloats is a Jigglypuff stage since it's about Pokemon that are filled with air.

Prayer_Police posted...
Rainbow Road is not a Rosalina stage. It's a Mario Kart stage.

what game have the last two rainbow roads been heavily inspired by

User Info: Gradwich4512

3 years ago#32
How come people who get so hung up on grammar never seem to realise that spelling is not grammar?

Their/They're/There, Your/You're, and similar are spelling mistakes. It's orthography. They sound the exact same in a large portion of dialects. Rule of thumb: If the mistake disappears in a spoken sentence (which it usually does because they're often homophones) then it's not a grammatical mistake. People who make these spelling mistakes know they are different lexical items because they treat them as such, they just use the wrong spelling by mistake or through ignorance.

On the topic, I would be concerned about boring locations being used as stages just to fit a particular character. I think I prefer stages being drawn from separate games in a series rather than tying them too closely to a character. For example Temple is somewhat drawn from Zelda II but I don't think it particularly reflects any given Zelda character.

User Info: KCJ5062

3 years ago#33
SideShowBatt posted...
Still waiting on Bowser's Castle as a stage.

This. Why it's taking so long for this to be a stage is beyond me.

User Info: MateoRinghead

3 years ago#34
Gradwich4512 posted...
How come people who get so hung up on grammar never seem to realise that spelling is not grammar?

Because it's not a spelling mistake? "They're/their/there" are all SPELLED correctly. I get your point, that technically if you read it aloud it will sound the same and thus be grammatically correct, but this is the grammar of the written words. They didn't use the "wrong spelling of the word", they used an entirely different word that was incorrect. "They're/their/there" are not different spellings of the same word, they are entirely different words with different meanings that happen to sound similar. Whether or not this is strictly a "grammar mistake", this definitely isn't a misspelling.

Also, the "say it aloud" point doesn't really work here, because there is a subtle difference between the pronunciation of "they're" and "their/there". Their/there are pronounced with one syllable and an "air" sound at the end, while they're typically sounds a bit more like "they-err" and has two syllables to it.

User Info: Elec Man EXE

Elec Man EXE
3 years ago#35
Eh, I dunno.

Its a nice idea to some degree, since it would mean long-overdue stages like Bowser's Castle would finally get their day in the sun.

But on the other hand, that means a LOT of stages for certain series'. 5 Mario stages, 4 Zelda stages, 4 Pokémon stages, 3 Star Fox stages, ect. And that's just for current confirmed newcomers or assumed returning veterans, unrevealed newcomers could add even more to those counts. And that seems a tad excessive really. Maybe not for Mario, since Mario has such a wide variety of games and series' to draw from (the mainstream Mario series, Luigi's Mansion, kart / sports, RPGs) and Mario usually has 3+ stages anyway. But for others, it seems like a more difficult task. Not to say that something like Zelda or Pokémon couldn't easily produce 4 unique stages

It would also artificially limit the number of stages from "smaller" series. 1 Metroid stage unless Ridley or another character gets added. 1 Yoshi stage. 1 Pikmin stage. Which may seem fine at first glance, until you consider retro stages. That would automatically disqualify every retro stage belonging to a smaller series (well, unless said series didn't get a new stage, but that would suck). So only the larger series' could afford to use their slot on retro stages, limiting choices.

There's also the fact that it would limit stages from unrepped series'. Sure, technically you could still have unrepped series get stages, but considering that you NEED a stage for every single character if you implemented this rule and we're probably looking at a 45 character roster at least, there's not going to be much room for other stages. They don't exactly have infinite resources to create new stages.
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User Info: Xodarhis

3 years ago#36
They are own stage what?
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User Info: MateoRinghead

3 years ago#37
Xodarhis posted...
They are own stage what?

A bit late to the party, bro.

User Info: MegaMario1000

3 years ago#38
Maybe not EVERY character, but every series with a playable character should get at least one stage in both versions of the game. Series with a lot of varied areas that can make for good stages ought to get more than one.

And we need a Bowser's Castle stage like two games ago.

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  3. I think every character should get they're own stage.

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