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Pick a Side! 03: Takamaru

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User Info: KillerKremling

3 years ago#1
Hey guys and welcome to another Pick a Side! Last time was as I predicted a very very split topic with 12 For and 13 Against Impa. Which as a Impa supporter myself makes me happy, as I never expected her to have that many supporters on this board. Here are the results.

Shackleford R


Now if you read the title of this topic you'll obviously know who today's contender is, Takamaru. The Japanese Samurai of the Famicom era who has made somewhat of a revival in these recent years. I'm quite sure what to predict with this one so here we go.



For me Takamaru is just a bad choice. I feel alot of people support him because Sakurai said he'd consider him if he got a new game, well despite what you may think about his cameos he has not gotten that game yet. And I just don't like the idea of Japanese only characters being added in the first place, especially if they're not from an already repped series. I don't hate the characters it's just that there are a number of reasons why I wouldn't put him up there with alot of the better protagonists.
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User Info: AdmiralZephyr

3 years ago#2
darkx remembers his friend, GrapefruitKing. RIP :(
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User Info: RememberingKim

3 years ago#3
No. There are more interesting (and actually well known) retro possibilities.
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User Info: GL10

3 years ago#4
For. Takamaru has been my Retro character of choice since Kamiya mentioned he'd like to work on a Nazo no Murasame jo game.

I want to see this happen and Takamaru in Smash would only make it all the more possible.
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User Info: Hypergamer55

3 years ago#5
For. We need plenty of characters, especially somewhat obscure characters.

Takamaru could have an interesting move set since I played his game recently. Samurai sword fighting style along with projectiles, just like his game. One of his special moves to disappear briefly to either dodge attacks or surprise other players, similar to Meta Knight's disappearing special move. Final Smash would be that Lightning attack that attacks everyone on the screen. Takamaru's stage could have those little ninja enemies hiding in the background, then pop out every so often like his game to attack players. The music would come from that game too, possibly remade using traditional Japanese musical instruments. And maybe Takamaru could have a slightly updated, fancier look, similar to how Pit's appearance was updated in SSBB.

The main theme song for the game was featured in the Mario Bros. stage of SSBB as one of the songs, which shows that Sakurai is aware of that game and paid a small tribute to it. Also Takamaru had his own sticker.

Maybe an appearance will help him to have a brand new game, kind of like how Kid Icarus Uprising got made. Possibly will have a brand new franchise since Nintendo could use some new ones or one's up to date.
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User Info: Seb_Ramoray

3 years ago#6
For. He is the only one I would take besides lip for the Retro pick.
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User Info: Pikachu942

3 years ago#7
For. My friend says his game is really good, he's gotten a lot of exposure recently, and I've been supporting him since 2010/2011,not gonna stop now!
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User Info: Teh_Tiltyu

3 years ago#8
i don't even know who the f*** he is so no
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User Info: xgiraffes13x

3 years ago#9
For. He's my most wanted retro character for this game, the moveset could be cool too. A ninja in this game is awesome! Plus, the revival of his series has lots of potential.
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User Info: bestssbbfan

3 years ago#10
For, I always like a new series rep. As for the japan only, look what marth and roy did.
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