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Does anybody REALLY care about Yoshi's absence from the roster?

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  3. Does anybody REALLY care about Yoshi's absence from the roster?

User Info: Rango

3 years ago#1
I mean...I can probably count 4 people I ever played who used Yoshi online in Brawl. I can count even less who I played and used him in SSB and Melee. He has always been a very low tier character with a moveset so "unique" that nobody wanted to play him. And hell, the recent Yoshi games have been getting dashed with some violent reviews (Yoshi's Island DS, Yoshi's New Island). And if Yoshi's Land on Wii U becoming vaporware isn't evidence enough that he will forever be remembered as Mario's occasional side-kick, then his absence in Smash 4 will seal the deal permanently.

I think more people are noticing he's gone and feeling uncomfortable seeing a long-time veteran suddenly disappear than actually missing the little dino because they want to really play as him.
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User Info: montecarlofaq

3 years ago#2

User Info: Blayshy

3 years ago#3
I do.
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User Info: ZeroRidley

3 years ago#4
montecarlofaq posted...
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User Info: aftershock576

3 years ago#5
Yoshi was one of my top 10 characters to use in brawl, so yeah, I do care if Yoshi isn't around.

User Info: SplitMushroom

3 years ago#6
I don't honestly
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User Info: 0Swordsman0

3 years ago#7
Yes, because it scares the hell out of me that if Yoshi isn't in it means Captain Falcon might not be in. Did anyone else notice most of Little Mac's attacks are Captain Falcon's attacks?
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User Info: Astral_Comet

3 years ago#8
I have a friend who mains Yoshi because of how quirky he is, and I actually did in Melee along with Marth, Ness, and Mr. Game & Watch. But, yeah, he definitely is the least memorable of the Original 8.

But, think about it this way: if Yoshi hadn't been in any of the previous games, wouldn't he be an odd absence? Wouldn't he be one of the most wanted newcomers? An obvious choice? With all his spinoffs and side games?

User Info: Sir_Haxor

3 years ago#9
No one cares about Yoshi. He was taking up space in the roster.
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User Info: flawless75

3 years ago#10
If Yoshi is not in, I will think of Sakurai as a sellout... Regardless, i'll still buy the Smash 4 games.
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  3. Does anybody REALLY care about Yoshi's absence from the roster?

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