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Entire Roster known via early 3DS release

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User Info: hyaman

3 years ago#11
He said there will be some connectivity between the two versions. Perhaps the wii u version will have additional characters, and by connecting the games the wii u characters will become available on the 3DS

User Info: TheZuperHero

3 years ago#12
Posted in another topic, but here's how I feel about it.

It's simple. People buy consoles in the winter months, so give them a reason to. If the Wii U version came out in the summer, it wouldn't push the console as strongly because no one's really in the market at that time except the fans.
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User Info: tech12345

3 years ago#13
Daverids posted...
tech12345 posted...

But overall a bad call. It will hurt wii u sales.

...Wii U has sales?

I know a lot of friends and myself included, that are buying a wii u/3ds just for this game. But then again I'm also an adult and I don't have to ask mommy for something. So... Sucks for kids. GL trying to explain to your parents why you need the exact same game twice.
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