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Your Reaction: This game is delayed to 2015

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User Info: Flame552

3 years ago#31
NEW-WAYS-2-DIE posted...
SilverSteele posted...
Triforceformer posted...
RIP Nintendo's 2014 profits.

Hell, I'd say RIP Nintendo as we know it. They've been stuck in such a ****hole when it comes to finances these last few years that I don't think they can afford to delay a game as big as Smash Bros.

You do realize Nintendo could operate at a loss for 50 years and still not be bankrupt?

That number seems to get bigger and bigger every time I see it.

And apparently Iwata is in hot water; if sales don't turn around, he's out.

Which is actually amazing, seeing how long he's been there and still has like a 75% approval rating or something.

User Info: hekifier

3 years ago#32
I'd be outraged, no question. Especially if it was for some bull-**** reason like needing to incorporate Mii's into the game and develop loads of extra move sets for lowly characters that only ten year old little boys would legitimately consider playing as. If it was for a more worthwhile reason, then I might be able to grudgingly accept it. But it better be good, like having Ridley, King K. Rool, Mewtwo, and Shulk all playable. That kind of good. Don't mean to be a spoiled *****-bag, but this is to emphasis even more that this game needs to come out this year.

And let me be the first to say that delaying a game will not necessarily make the game better. I look at Twisted Metal on PS3 as an example of this. It was supposed to be out over a year before its actual 2012 release. Yet when it finally launched, it had excruciating online connection problems and glitched out trophies. Not only that, a lot of the special weapons were similar and there weren't enough playable locations. There's no reason that game couldn't have been done by 2011 with its current quality.

Now back to Smash Bros. We were promised, by Miyamoto himself, that the game would be done by 2014. They better have a damn good reason why its being delayed, like multiple character reveals, due to the way the Wii U system is tanking. They'll also have unavoidable losses in sales by missing their little "holiday rush" boost that they're currently seeking.
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